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Grow your Transaction Volume and Online Revenue with the power of eCommerce SEO. With our advanced strategies and highly experienced eCommerce Optimization Teams, we help your business sell more with efficiency. Gain greater lateral product visibility and leverage our innovative tracking technologies to deliver results, and identify and isolate your top sellers that drive your best margins. Thus, helping you use transaction intelligence to grow sales and propel your profits to their absolute maximum potential.

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Why Does SEO Matter For eCommerce Brands?

The Path to Ultimate eCommerce Success

SEO puts your brand above the competition. It makes your brand easier to find and navigate, both for visitors and for search engines. For eCommerce businesses specifically, it has the special quality of being able to optimize individual product pages for relevant search queries. Do this correctly, and your products can become the first result people find when they search for products that your business offers.

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Breaking Down eCommerce SEO

The Features that Impact Rankings

SEO comes in three primary forms: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO. Effective SEO utilizes all three of these forms and together they make up what many people call “White Hat SEO.”

While this topic may seem simple, eCommerce SEO is even more elusive and difficult to build success than a non-eCommerce website. This is largely due to the presence of sites like Amazon, Walmart, and other Online Major Retailers who have considerably larger websites, dedicated SEO Divisions, and deeper pockets when it comes to spending money on eCommerce SEO. But do not let that deter you!

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The Pillars of eCommerce SEO

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that your website is coded and set up in a way that search engines and users have a positive experience. Search engines need to see a website that is functional, devoid of sloppy coding, broken links, and broken pages. Users need to be able to experience an easy and seamless process when moving from page to page within your website. They need not experience issues like page loading time and 404 Errors. For both the search engine and user, your website will need to be operational, fast, and intuitive in furnishing the information needed to help with rankings and provide an optimal user experience.

On-Page SEO focuses on building your website’s “Relevancy”. This means using keywords, content, web pages, and internal linking strategies to tell the search engines what you sell and why you are their best option to feature in their search results. On-Page SEO means optimizing all of the features within your website that search engines look for. This helps them understand what products you offer, their value, and how your products can benefit the search engine’s audience.

Off-Page SEO focuses on building your website’s “Credibility”. This means using features like Link Building to develop backlinks from reputable websites that link back to your website. Backlinks act as votes for your website in the eyes of search engines. Not only does the quantity of backlinks help, but the credibility or authority of the website where the link is embedded is where the real value is created. By developing linking strategies from reputable sources, in addition to your offsite content strategies and social media signals, having a sound Off-Page SEO Strategy is where rankings begin to lift.

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Why Work With eCommerce SEO Specialists?

Consistent Organic Presence for Your Products Drive Sales

Working with an eCommerce SEO specialist equals higher quality results and a more comprehensive overhaul. Ecommerce specialists not only have an understanding of the different considerations and concerns that go into optimizing an eCommerce site – they have a mastery of them. They can walk you through the process or take over completely and remaster your site for optimal performance.

At Allegiant Digital Marketing, our specialists bring their over 20 years of experience to your site. They provide recommendations based upon current best practices and a honed eye for innovative new practices. We don’t rest on our laurels here and are always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in Digital Marketing.

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How Allegiant Does eCommerce SEO

20+ Years of Experience, Marketing Savvy, and the best in Tech

At Allegiant Digital, we like to be disruptive when it comes to identifying and implementing new ideas and techniques. This doesn’t mean we chase the latest trends or forsake best practices. Instead, we meld the traditional knowledge and know-how with forward-thinking innovation. Together, these meld into something truly revolutionary, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

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