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CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a software platform used to nurture and improve the customer experience that helps you convert more deals. It can help you store and organize customer information, identify sales opportunities, and improve the sales processes that help you convert more leads. It also helps you manage your marketing campaigns to measure their effectiveness. With our Digital Marketing CRM, we can help enhance your entire Sales, Revenue, and ROI Performance.

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What is a CRM

Customer Relationship Management Platform

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management Platform is a Business Tool used to help you Store Customer and Prospect Data. This can include simple data such as Contact Information and your Communication Activity with Leads and Prospective Customers. It can include Marketing Insights such as Sales Opportunities, Managing Marketing Campaigns, and can also help you manage Prospects and Clients throughout their interactions with your business. For example, scheduling, invoicing, and automating many of your day-to-day customer service and support responsibilities.

A CRM can provide many more useful tools and features to aid and enhance your business productivity. From a Digital Marketing perspective, it can really help you understand the entire journey of your leads and identify potential friction points throughout their experience moving through the sales process with your organization. Additionally, it can assist in identifying what forms of marketing are producing results as well as what is not meeting your ROI expectations.

Setting up and installing a CRM System in your business can provide many benefits. From streamlining day-to-day activities, automating your marketing analysis, helping you continue to nurture communications with your prospects and customers, and helping you become much more efficient with your time and energy.

CRM Setup for a Business

CRM Setup and Integrations

Automate and Manage Your Business From One Source

Customer Relationship Management Platforms are meant to not only streamline processes for your business but also act as a central hub for much of your day-to-day operations. One of the strengths of a CRM is its ability to Integrate with the various software tools you use to manage your business. Things like Quickbooks, Scheduling Programs, Invoicing, and Communication Reminders are just the tip of the iceberg.

Using CRM Integrations are also incredibly useful for your Digital Marketing. You can use features like Call Tracking to import Caller ID Information and even Call Transcriptions that help you log communications with your prospects. This way, your conversations are recorded in writing. Thus, helping you identify what next steps to take in order to convert your lead into a new customer.

Getting set up with a new CRM is a bit of a heavy lift though. And depending on what software you use in-house may dictate what CRM Platforms you can and cannot integrate your systems into. The good news is that many of the major platforms out there today are equipped to support most popular technologies in order to reduce your chances of compatibility issues. Making many of the CRM’s today capable of setting up and integrating with your productivity tools and technologies that help run your business.

CRM Integration Services

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Allegiant Digital CRM Services

Helping You Connect and Streamline Digital Marketing Tracking

At Allegiant Digital, our goal is to help you Integrate your Digital Marketing Programs with your CRM Services. We want to make sure that when you make an investment with us in programs like PPC, SEO, eCommerce, Email Marketing, and your Website, we provide a complete scope of how each of these services produces results.

We also want to leverage CRM Technologies to help us help your business find voids or pitfalls within your sales process that could be causing lost opportunities. For example issues like: answering your phones or returning calls in a reasonable amount of time, training opportunities for your office staff in order to improve the sales experience or deliverables in quoting, and following up to close deals. While every business expects their Digital Marketing Agency to perform and produce results, we expect our Partners to make sure they are doing everything they can to convert the leads we deliver. Otherwise, if one fails we all fail.

If you are ready to explore CRM Integration and Setup Services, we would love to help. We have experience with many of the top platforms including Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, Service Titan, SharpSpring, and more.

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