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Technical SEO is an absolute necessity for increasing website speed and improving user experience. Over 40% of website visitors will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And with only 50% of websites online registering speeds faster than 2.9 seconds means Technical SEO is in high demand. If your website promotes a poor user experience, has broken links or pages, and runs at a snail’s pace, we can help! Improve your visitor experience and turn your Turtle Speed into Turbo Today!

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What is Technical SEO?

The Need for Speed and Optimized User Experience

Simply put, Technical SEO in your website optimization strategy is imperative to SEO Success. Improving key technical elements on your website can impact your web pages and their ability to rank on search engines like Google. Focusing on Technical SEO helps you do things like increase website speeds and improve the ability of search engines to crawl and understand the topic matter of your web pages. Faster loading pages, cleaner architecture and code, and improved information for the search engines to access on your website will result in higher rankings and a better user experience.

Improving your Technical SEO has even more of a profound effect when it comes to Mobile Experience. As technology advances, so do our expectations. And with more people using their Smart Phones as their primary means of accessing the internet, it is important to make sure you deliver the swiftest, most seamless experience possible. Doing so means removing technical hurdles and resource-heavy burdens that impact your website’s mobile performance. Putting Technical SEO to practice and optimizing your website for a mobile-first experience will help put your business far ahead of the competitive curve.

Technical SEO Website Performance

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Why do I need Technical SEO?

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Optimizing for Technical SEO anywhere you conduct business, is critical for SEO growth. Search Engines like Google want to provide their audience with the best possible results. This is done by constantly improving algorithms that target how well your website works with the search engine and the experience it delivers to the people who access your website.

With a multitude of ranking factors that impact Technical SEO, it is important to work with an SEO Company that knows how to identify them. For example, Google robots (often referred to as “Bots”) crawl and evaluate the pages on your website that identify your strengths and weaknesses. Factors such as User Experience (UX) happen to be one of many that Google pays great attention to when evaluating your website. If your web page is slow and causes people to leave it, especially before it can fully load, this will trigger Google to “penalize” your page. If you continually register successive penalties, not only will it prohibit your website from improving in rank, but it can also cause you to lose rankings or be stripped of any rankings altogether.

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Other factors that contribute to Technical SEO include Google Bots and their ability to grasp the meaning of your web pages. Features like Structured Data improve the technical aspects of your web page that help the Bots properly crawl and understand what your page and website represent. If you do this and do it well, you will gain higher rankings and can even earn “Rich Results”.

It is also important to establish a balance with Technical SEO. Optimizing your website purely for the Search Engine benefit should not be your lone objective. A website should work well by being fast, clear, and easy to use, especially for your audience above all else. Creating a great user experience also often results in building an excellent technical foundation that compliments your Technical SEO objectives. Naturally, by optimizing for one you also optimize for the other.

Technical SEO Characteristics that will Boost Your Website Performance

A technically inclined website exhibits features that demonstrate speed, bot crawlability, and helps search engines properly understand what your website is about. Leveraging the experience of adept Technical SEO experts will ensure your website steps up to the plate complete and prepared. This way each time Google pitches a bot to crawl your website you are in the best position to hit a home run – every time your website is called to step inside the Technical SEO Batter’s Box.

Characteristics of a Technically Optimized Website

One: Website Speed Optimization (It’s Fast):

Having a website that is fast is no longer a luxury. It is expected and a firm requirement for performance dictated by the search engines and your audience. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will have lost 38% of desktop users and over 53% of mobile website visitors. And with Page Experience in effect because of the Core Web Vitals update, Google announced these metrics will become Core Algorithm Update impacting websites June 2021. So, what do you do? Let the Expert Technical SEO Experts at Allegiant Digital help.

HTML Code is a web programming language used to construct websites and turn them into the visual elements we see and interact with. The code contains tags and content that tell the web page how to work and what to do to help the search engine and user understand its purpose.

Every page on a website contains this code. As the website grows in the number of pages and features it offers, the larger and more complex your code becomes. With web designers building websites for aesthetic purposes and web developers creating web pages to fulfill specific functions, often Technical SEO is sacrificed to give way to the Designer/Developer’s desired result. This often leads to messy coding and sloppy HTML work.

Auditing your web pages to identify, fix, and replace poorly developed HTML Coding is essential. Doing so will help relieve server burdens and the time needed to read through your website code. This will improve load speed and ensure that Google Bots can properly crawl your web pages for indexing, which will help improve rankings.

Having quality graphics to display on your website is important for providing your audience with a memorable and quality experience. For many businesses, their graphics bear more of the responsibility for selling their products and services than the actual written content on their web pages.

Unfortunately, this is where many websites make critical mistakes. Heavy, High-Resolution Images are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to slow-loading pages. And when business owners and web designers forego compressing their images, it will wreak havoc on your web page speed and negatively impact your user experience.

One of the key features of Technical SEO and Website Speed Optimization focuses on image compression and optimization of your graphics. Reducing images and converting them to smaller file sizes through image compression can help tremendously. And doing so does not often create any visual discrepancy that can be detected between the original images and their compressed counterparts.

When websites are updated, and new web pages replace the old ones, redirects are put into place to guide search engines and users visiting the old pages to the new. Redirects are pieces of code placed within the .htaccess file in the server where your website is hosted. It can house as many redirects as you may need to help you maintain your website to keep it fresh and up to date.

Over time as web pages change and change again, your redirects grow. And if you have specific pages that are often updated and replaced, it can cause your website to take longer to reference the .htaccess file to find the new page location. Auditing and cleaning up redirects are important ongoing maintenance features. Especially for active websites that often recycle their web pages with new pages.

A more intuitive instance in Website Speed Optimization is understanding the concept of Server Location. The further away your server is from where your business is located, the longer it will take your website to load. If you are a U.S. Based Business that only operates in a certain state or city, it would not make sense for you to use a server that is based in another country, especially one on the opposite side of the world.

Understanding Server Performance also represents the quality of the Server and the Hosting Environment where your website is stored. If you have a “Shared” Hosting Plan, this means that your website lives on a server along with many other websites. The higher the number of total websites combined with their level of traffic activity can place more burden on the server which can hinder your website’s loading time.

Dedicated Servers offer businesses the ability to store their website in a space unoccupied by any other websites. While this is highly ideal for all businesses, the price tag that comes with a Dedicated Server is often Cost Prohibitive.

There are tools available for you to test your Server Performance. If you want to check if your hosting environment is the bane of your website’s existence, check out: Google PageSpeed Insights

Two: Search Engine Crawlability Improvement

Search Engines like Google use what are called Robots (or “Bots”) to crawl or spider your website. Google Bots follow links on your website to help them discover and index the content that exists within your website. Having a great “internal linking strategy” will ensure that the bots are directed to the pages that are most important with the most valuable content you want them to capture to help your rankings.

There are many ways to help guide bots. For example, you can block them from crawling specific content that does not provide value or enhancement to the keywords and topics that you are targeting. Or, you can have them crawl a page, but tell them not to show the page in search results or follow links on the page as they will not provide any useful information to your audience.

One of the best methods in directing bot crawlers is the use of the robots.txt file. It is an extremely powerful and valuable tool, but one you should rely on a Technical SEO Expert to handle carefully. The simplest of mistakes, literally one character space input incorrectly, can prevent bots from crawling the most important pages within your website.

The robots meta tag is a piece of code within the website’s source code that draw bots and illustrate what information they will find on the page and what they need to do with it. This is particularly handy when you want a bot to crawl the page, but not follow links or display the page in search results.

Technical SEO Troubleshooting Services

Three: Dead Link Auditing and Removal

The frustration we, as users, feel when a web page takes FOREVER to load is equal to the frustration we experience when we click on a link that takes us to a page that does not exist or is broken. 404 error pages is the technical term used to describe broken links and pages that when visited, do not exist or load. Not only is this a frustration for us the User, but one that search engines absolutely abhor.

Because search engines crawl websites more effectively and efficiently than a human can, their bots discover far more dead links than what we typically encounter. Since most sites have dead links that go unnoticed in most cases, using tools designed to retrieve dead links can help you fix them before they become a problem.

Technical SEO Duplicate Content Services

Four: Remove Duplicate Content for Search Engine Efficiencies

Duplicate content is the process of using the same exact content multiple times within your own website or on other websites. In any instance, it creates confusion with the search engines and will lead to penalization and reduced rankings.

Often duplicate content issues happen without you even being aware of it. Because of the lack of Technical SEO performed on your website you may have different URLs that can show the same content. This happens when Canonicalization has not been implemented. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy fix and one that Allegiant Digital can put into place in the event your website has been hit with duplicate content issues.

Technical SEO Website Security

Five: Better Website Security

Another sign of a technically optimized website shows when you take the necessary steps to add security features to your website. This means implementing measures that safely guarantee your audience and their privacy is protected. One of the most common ways of implementing security is by adding an SSL Certificate to your website (HTTP versus HTTPS).

Converting to an HTTPS site ensures that no one can intercept the data that is sent over between the browser and your website. This is especially important anytime people do things like log into your website or process transactions. Even if you do not offer any of these features, Google expects your site to be secure. In fact, this is a ranking factor that goes into the Google Formula when deciding what websites rank above others.

Technical SEO Structured Data

Six: Adds Structured Data (Schema Markup)

Structured Data helps the search engines better understand your website, content, and even your overall business in general. With Structured Data, you provide a better information hierarchy that helps to provide the search engines with additional insights into the products you sell or services you have to offer from your website.

With it, you gain the ability to offer further in-depth details about those products and services that can give more value to your audience within the search results. Doing so can greatly increase visits to your website and drive higher volume in leads and greater quantity in sales.

Technical SEO Sitemap Optimization

Seven: Adding an XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is a simple concept and one that is easy to implement. It serves as a list of all the pages of your website and is produced so that it provides search engines with a roadmap to all the pages that can be found within your website. Having an XML Sitemap will ensure search engines do not miss important pages containing valuable content that can help aid your SEO efforts.

Although a website does not need an XML Sitemap, it is helpful for internal linking structure. If you do not have a great structure, implementing an XML Sitemap may help you begin to build one for better SEO performance.

Technical SEO UI and UX Optimization

Eight: Testing to Improve UX (User Experience)

There are many features we believe our websites contain that help user experience and improve conversions. However, if you are not testing them then you may be holding onto features that you can live without. Features that could also free up resource demands on your website and server that instead could be invested back into your website to improve speed along with search engine and user efficiencies.

Technical SEO includes optimizing experiences that impact our Audience and how they engage with our website. Improving experience can help remove unnecessary technologies, heavy design, and graphic work, and add on features that have very little to no use in your customer’s journey. Use features like Google Analytics and User Tracking Programs to help you utilize the features that matter and remove those that do not. Improve your UX through testing that can help you maximize your website performance.

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Technical SEO Services for Local, Agencies, and National Businesses

Ready to take the next step? Offering a comprehensive Technical SEO Solution, you win the fight on two of the primary battlefields. The Search Engines where it impacts your Rankings and the User Experience where it impacts your Leads and Sales.

Maximize your website speed performance and use Technical SEO to help you rank better and increase revenue. Services Include:

  • Website Crawlability Testing

  • Installing Robots.txt File

  • Correct Website Indexing Issues

  • Find and Repair Broken Links

  • Auditing Redirects

  • Removing Duplicate Content using Canonical Optimizations

  • Identify AMP, Mobile Usability, and Search Feature Issues

  • Resolve Server Errors

  • Correct Site Loading Issues

  • Server Moving and Optimization Services

  • Identify and Fix Compromised Website Security

  • Implementing SSL and HTTPS Security

  • Find and Remove unnecessary HTML and Java Coding

  • Image Optimization

  • Structured Data and Rich Content

  • Plugin Auditing and Removal

  • And more!

If you are ready to take the next step to improve your website speed performance and put our Technical SEO Services to work for your website, we are ready to help. Call or Click Here to set up a Free Consultation with an Expert Technical SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant from Allegiant Digital today.

Technical SEO Enhancements

Maximize Technical SEO Performance with our Website Design Services

Enhance your Technical SEO Capabilities and leverage Digital Marketing Programs that can influence above and beyond growth that SEO alone cannot offer. While Organic Results earn over 50% of the available traffic from a Google Search Results Page, utilize programs like Google Ads/Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Local Service Ads and Google My Business Optimization to reach the difference.

Website Design and Redesign Services

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Create Better Website Experiences that Drive Better Results

In SEO and Web Design it is common practice to recommend a redesign of your website every 3 to 4 years. Over time, websites become susceptible to issues. Whether dated design techniques that present negative user experience, technical failures, and theme and plugin upgrade compatibility issues – ALL websites have a shelf life. Once that shelf life expires, your website becomes a performance liability. This is especially so when it comes to Technical SEO. To avoid detrimental loss in results and search engine penalties, hire the creative SEO and Web Design Experts at Allegiant Digital to build your website into a true SEO Powerhouse. Click Here to Learn More: Website Design

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