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Google Remarketing offers a unique yet powerful feature to compliment your Digital Marketing Strategy. Giving you the ability to utilize the Display Advertising Network and Technology, Remarketing provides you the ability to re-engage your audience on other websites they visit after they have left your website. This is especially useful in the event your audience did not convert on the first visit. Giving you the ability to not only re-engage but also convert more leads and drive higher revenue growth.

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What Is Google Remarketing

Second Chance Opportunities to Convert Leads

Remarketing is a must-have for any business that is either considering or currently engaged with Search Engine or Social Media Marketing. Remarketing Ads help supplement programs like Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Facebook Ads, SEO, and other Digital Marketing Programs designed to generate leads. What makes Remarketing such a powerful feature of your digital strategy is how it creates second chance opportunities for you to successfully convert leads that did not convert on their first online interaction with your business.

Remarketing is a necessary addition to any Digital Marketing Strategy. This is especially important for businesses that have longer than normal buying cycles. As well as those that need consistent brand impressions to nurture leads along to conversion.

What makes remarketing work is its ability to help you continue advertising to someone after they have left your landing page or website. As they travel around the internet, they will continue to see ads pertaining to your company, products, or services they were originally interested in upon their first visit. The subsequent set of ads presented in Remarketing to this audience is designed to recapture and drive them back to your website to convert them into a lead.

In the following sections below, we will dive deeper into the topic of Remarketing that illustrate its mechanics, strategies, and benefits used to help you turn second chance opportunities into more leads, higher sales numbers, and greater ROI potential from your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

What is Google Remarketing

How Facebook and Google Remarketing Works

The Fundamentals

Remarketing works through what is called a Remarketing “Tag”. A Remarketing Tag is usually built into a Platform like Google or Facebook. On Facebook, the tag is designed to allow advertisers to continue featuring their products or services as one moves about the Facebook Environment. Whereas in Google, the Google Remarketing Tag is designed to feature Advertiser Content you’ve previously engaged, like a landing page or website, as you move about the Google Display Network of websites.

Within the Remarketing Tag Settings, you can define features of your campaign such as how long you wish your ads to display to someone over time. You can also control the frequency of your ads so that you can balance your exposure without oversaturating your brand, which can lead to a negative perception of your business in many cases. There are other features that allow you to control how and where your ads are featured.  This way, you can strategically dictate the types of sites where they are shown and the rotation strategy of the content. The visual elements you show can help improve relevance in relation to where your prospect is in their buying journey.

Remarketing provides flexible functionality to allow advanced Display and Programmatic Digital Marketing Agencies to leverage data and consumer intelligence to make your ads more impactful. With expertise, creative ingenuity, and the right technology, your Remarketing Campaign can become one of your greatest Digital Marketing Assets. Thereby helping you capitalize on every single lead you generate through other forms of your Digital Strategy, such as SEO, Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. To learn more, contact the Remarketing Experts at Allegiant Digital today!

How Facebook and Google Remarketing Works

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Ads Designed to Recapture Interest

Creating More Conversions Resulting in Greater ROI Potential

Remarketing works as a way to remind visitors of your products and services and as a way to build brand recognition and trust. They are shown content and images specific to the product or service they initially engaged with your business to find. That will also contain additional calls to action and selling propositions to remind them of their need and re-engage their interest. This includes showing products or services that relate directly to those they viewed during their initial visit, additional coupon or discount offers, or added benefits and value the product or service will provide. The ultimate goal is to help drive these users back toward purchase so that you can optimize conversions off of these leads.

There are several different types of Remarketing ads, each of which provides unique strengths and benefits that can impact your Remarketing efforts. Let’s take a look at a few.

Types of Remarketing Ads

As the name implies, these ads show pre-made ads to your previous visitors. The designs of these ads appear identical to standard display ads and are shown across the Google Display Ads Network.

These ads are similar to standard ads in that they are shown across the display ads network. The main difference is that dynamic ads show specific products or categories that the visitor had previously viewed on your site.

As the name implies, search engine Remarketing ads appear within specific, relevant search results of people who have previously visited your site. They are largely based on Remarketing lists and appear just like regular search ads.

Also known as Customer Match, these ads are designed around email lists. These lists are based on already acquired emails that your visitors have provided you. They can then be served ads when they are browsing the web, scrolling through social media, or viewing any website included on the Google Display network, as long as they are logged into their Google account.

YouTube has been added to the Google repertoire, and video Remarketing has flourished as a result. Associate your business’ YouTube channel with your Google Ads account, and you can remarket to people who have previously engaged with your videos.

Why Use Google Remarketing

Here are Three Reasons to Consider

The short of it is that Google Remarketing works. Remarketing creates a secondary net for you to capture potential leads and clients, upping your ROI without needing to heavily push awareness campaigns. Like conversion rate optimization, Remarketing efforts are designed to increase your conversion rate, thus improving your overall ROI.

Why Remarketing Works so Well

The main benefit of Remarketing is that you can maintain or even renew a past visitor’s interest in your product. One way to do so is by providing special offers, and this is where Remarketing Ads will come in especially handy. By creating ads to fit the product or service you are promoting together with a special offer in Remarketing, you can entice them even more.

Sometimes, it only requires a little nudge to make the conversion stick. In these cases, simply showing them another ad can be the difference in making the conversion. It’s all about knowing your audience. Knowledge is power when it comes to targeting the right users – even if they’re past visitors to your website. When someone leaves your site without converting, it’s because there were one or several obstacles along the conversion funnel.

Remarketing ads system allows you to create dynamic ads that are hyper-specific to individual visitors, and present them with items and services that they have already shown interest in. Like traditional display advertising, Remarketing Ads allow you to set your budget for CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression). This makes it easier to control spending as well as reach out to potential leads effectively.

Remarketing ads are a form of PPC ads, and so Remarketing is just as much of an investment as any other PPC campaign. The difference here is in the focus. PPC and Display Ads are built to bring in new clients. Remarketing is designed to recapture and retain leads and existing customers. This gives your business a second chance at getting leads to convert and existing customers to rebuy services when you engage them through nurturing campaigns like Email Marketing. Remarketing’s overall goal is to maximize your conversion rate. Investing in Remarketing is investing in your ROI.

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Allegiant Digital Marketing seeks to disrupt the normal flow of Digital Marketing. Most Digital Marketing Agencies follow a standard process for Remarketing Advertising and push their customers through their pre-made system, regardless of their client’s individual goals or concerns. At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we work to break this mold.

We don’t want to just be your Remarketing Advertising Agency – we want to be your partner in Digital Marketing as a whole. We work with you to create a plan that keeps your goals at the center and branches out to create a dynamic digital presence that elevates your brand and maximizes your ROI.

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Our passion and dedication have and always will be to help your businesses grow. Doing this incorporates necessary Digital Marketing Services like Remarketing to help you position your Brand as the best possible choice for your potential customers to choose. With over 20 years of Digital Marketing Experience and working across all major industries, we are the Experts in Remarketing you can rely on to deliver your best results.

If you are as excited as we are to change your company’s trajectory using programs like Facebook and Google Remarketing, let’s get started! Let us help you build a superior Brand through Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion Strategies that separate you from your competition. Helping you deliver an outstanding user experience that generates phenomenal results. Ready to get started? Get in touch!

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