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Google Business Profile Optimization is imperative to your Local SEO Strategy. It impacts your ability to be found in Google’s “Map Pack” and can give your business access to nearly a quarter of the available clicks that occur on the first page of Google. However, if your profile is incomplete, contains inaccuracies, or has not been optimized you could be missing valuable opportunities to generate leads and sales. Conquer Google Maps and Dominate your Map Competition with our GBP Optimization Today!

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What is a Google Business Profile?

And Why They Matter to your Business or Agency

Google Business Profiles in Austin Search Results, or whichever City you search from are the Business Listings that appear directly underneath the Map that Google Features whenever you conduct a search query. For example, if you search for “HVAC Austin” you will find 3 organic listings that appear underneath the map, and sometimes a fourth listing that is usually a pay-per-click listing that will appear along within what is often referred to as the “Map Pack”.

Google features Map Listings in instances when you search for something with a geographic modifier attached, such as “Austin” or “Los Angeles”. Google will also do so, in most cases, when you do not choose to use a geographic modifier as well. In either case, Google as well as Bing and Yahoo, feature these Local Businesses to inform their Search Audience that local options are available for them to choose from when they search for products or services online. This provides additional options for their audience to select from that improve the User Experience in the event that “Locality” is a buying factor.

Google Business Profile Listings also provide other important business details to your audience that could further help aid their experience, such as contact details like your phone number or website address so they can learn more about your business. It can feature business hours to help people understand when you are available and offer reviews from other customers that can help increase your odds of earning new customers.

Google Business Profile Optimization

How does a Google Business Profile Work?

Understanding Functionality and what Impacts Results

Google Business Profiles are an excellent tool in helping you reach more customers. Understanding How Google Business Profile works is important so that you can build a sound strategy that will help you capitalize on its features and maximize your results. Here we will discuss How Google Business Profile Works to help with the formation of your GBP Optimization Strategy.

As illustrated earlier, Google Business Profile Results are featured whenever someone searches for products and services online. This will happen whenever a “Geographic Modifier” is used in the search query, or in most cases when a search is performed without one. When a search query takes place, Google pulls from its vast index of local businesses that have set up and optimized their listings in order to produce what their search engine believes are the top three options.

Proximity is generally the most important value in dictating who appears in those results. Other criteria are also factored in, such as whether the listing has been completely filled out, if the listing has been optimized, the number of reviews, and more. From there, your audience can select from the top three featured listings, or they may choose to click the “View All” option. Here they will be sent to the Google Business Profile Results Page that include all businesses in the area that Google has indexed and has deemed relevant based on what was searched.

How does a Google Business Profile Work

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Why Google Business Profiles are Important

How they Impact Digital Leads and Local SEO

Your Google Business Profile Listing is essential to your entire Digital Marketing Strategy. Having a GBP Listing not only influences your ability to be found in the Map Results, but can also impact rankings within your Local SEO Program. Using features from your listing to determine what you do as a business as well as where you provide your services geographically, helps Google understand where and what you have to offer. Aligning this to your Local SEO Strategy helps reinforce your keyword and content optimizations. Making your website and connected properties like your GBP Listing more relevant helps boost your rankings and visibility across the board.

Additionally, your Google Business Profile can influence buying decisions with your audience. It can help you convert more leads by reinforcing your local presence, leveraging reviews, and providing quality information. And with nearly a quarter of clicks taking place within the Map Results, your business simply cannot afford to miss being featured in the Google Business Profile Map Pack.

Working with an experienced Google Business Profile Optimization Agency can help you maximize your chances of being found in the Map Results. By helping you set up, claim, and optimize your listing, Allegiant Digital can help you build the foundation necessary that will increase your odds of being featured. By continuing the optimization process and working features like optimized posts and ongoing content updates, our GBP Team can help position your business for long-term success.

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Google Business Profile Reviews

How What Others Say About Your Business Affects Conversions

Google Reviews are one of the most powerful marketing features of a Google Business Profile Listing. It provides your customers with a platform to share their experience with your company, products, and services. Reviews also offer useful insight to your online audience that can help influence potential customers to buy your products or services as well. In fact, over 91% of buying decisions made online are influenced by online reviews.

At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we understand that soliciting reviews from your customers can be hit or miss. The requirements and steps involved in writing and submitting a review are not as simple and intuitive from most customers’ perspectives. Now while there may not be an easy road lined with shortcuts to simplify this process, using a Reviews Platform can at least help streamline your efforts. Having an effective Review Software Platform can increase the number of reviews you generate on average by over 40%.

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Can a Google Business Profile Help SEO?


Google Business Profile Optimization in the city where you conduct business can have a significant impact on your overall Local SEO efforts. Having a completed, verified, and optimized Google Business Profile will always stand a better chance of ranking in the Map Results. Thus giving you another prominent point of visibility on the first page of Google, but also indirectly influencing your website to rank higher organically.

This is accomplished through your Google Business Profile Listing providing Social Signals to Google. Including user engagement and funneling traffic to your website while also generating Social Testimony through your Google Reviews. Google states that rankings are determined by these three local primary ranking factors:

The Three Primary Ranking Qualifications of a GBP Listing:

  • Relevance

Refers to how Relevant your Business matches up to what your target audience is searching for on Google.

  • Distance

Is considered based on how close your business is located to the geographic modifier used in your audience search query (i.e., HVAC Austin or Cosmetic Surgery Los Angeles). If the person does not specify a location in their search, Google will then calculate the distance based on what they know about the user’s location.

  • Prominence

This refers to how well known your business is within the market or cities you service. One of the primary contributing factors is your Total Review Count and Rating Score that your customers give you in your Google Business Profile Listing.

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Google Business Profile Optimization Services

In order to increase your odds of making the top 3 listings in the Google Map Pack, two things are required: Location and a Comprehensive Google Business Profile Optimization Strategy.

Location or proximity is mandatory and unfortunately, there is no way around it. The further away from the city in which your business is trying to rank, the harder it will be for your business to appear in the top three Google Map Listings. However, if you have a business that is within a relatively short distance from or located within the city itself, your chances increase exponentially. Do not fret if you believe you are too far out, we can still help!

Next, your focus will want to be on having a Comprehensive Google Business Profile Optimization Strategy in place. With Allegiant Digital Marketing’s complete GBP Optimization program we can help you check all the boxes necessary to rank high and consistently for the products and services your business offers in the city you aim to target. Here is what is included:

The first step to creating a Google Business Profile Listing is to create a Google Business Profile Account. To create an account, we will use your business Gmail Account, or business email in the event you do not have one. If you do not have a Gmail Account, we can help you set up one for Free.

It is important to complete all of the main aspects of your profile. This includes your name, address, phone number, website, and business hours. Next, you will want to complete all second-level items such as Categories and Attributes, Products and Services, Description, and Q&A (Owner-Generated). The third level and Ongoing will include creating Posts, Reviews, and Q&A (Consumer-Generated).

Making sure your business name is identical to the one you use for your business is critical. The same goes for your address, phone number, and other business details. Inconsistent information can lead to Google Penalties that can cost you your Google Map Rankings. That is why we make absolutely sure that your information is uniform and aligns with what is associated with your business.
Writing an effective Description and incorporating Content and Keyword Optimization can be extremely beneficial for maximizing your listing’s potential. This is a great place to advertise your business and feature unique selling points to help your audience connect with your business. Leveraging advertising strategies and incorporating optimization can help you build a compelling and very well-optimized business description within your listing.

It is important when setting up a Google Business Profile Listing that you choose the most appropriate category that represents your business. Choosing incorrectly can prevent you from showing up for the right keywords. Selecting secondary categories can help you expand your reach and appear for other products and services you offer. By being strategic, without overdoing it, you can maximize your exposure and generate more leads.

After you choose your categories, Google will provide you with a list of attributes that you can use to further describe what your business offers. Attributes are special features that can offer granular details to help your audience understand the benefits and value your products or services include. Incorporating these attributes can provide additional insights that can help your audience understand features like Accessibility, Activities, Amenities, Highlights, Offerings, Payment Features, and much more. List of Google Attributes to Choose From

Generating Reviews to your Google Business Profile Listing has tremendous value and can significantly improve your performance. Over 91% of buying decisions are influenced by reviews and Google uses Reviews and their Rating as a Ranking Signal for your Listing and Website. Google knows that Reviews are the #1 influencing factor when it comes to consumer buying decisions, which is why it is a key ranking factor in their algorithm. Learn More about How to Get More Google Reviews

Adding content to your listing through Post can help you optimize your Google Business Profile. Like a Social Media Page for your business, you can create posts that can influence action or drive engagement. Posting on a consistent basis can also send positive ranking signals to Google the same way photos do, which can influence your Map Rankings. Effectively utilizing your Post to promote your business will naturally help you drive more traffic and deliver more leads.

Utilizing the Q&A Feature of your Google Business Profile Listing offers a variety of benefits for your business. It allows for content and keyword opportunities to be used while also giving your audience a way to interact with your business. This can be especially useful as it can help influence your audience and their decision to buy your products or services. By properly seeding your Q&A section you can position your company in the best possible way using responses that can help influence more purchases from your target customers.

Adding Products and Services to your Google Business Profile Listing can help you expand on the opportunities to reach more customers. It can also help lift your Map Visibility. Adding the products and services you offer, incorporating keywords, and building out the content in these sections can help make your listing more valuable than what your competition has to offer. It will also provide useful details for Google, which can help expand your exposure and create additional ranking opportunities that can drive more traffic and leads.

While this does not directly impact Map Rankings, it can help increase customer interaction and drive additional leads and sales. This feature gives your audience the ability to do things like send text messages directly from your Google Business Profile. This can improve your response rate and help you get to more customers more quickly to improve their experience and convert more leads.

Adding photos is another way to keep your Google Business Profile Listing looking great and engaging. It will also help your listing get better performance and improve your listing’s rankings. Enrich your customer experience by using high-quality photos that exemplify your company, the products you sell, or the work you produce for your customers. Being active and routinely adding photos to your Google Business Profile Listing can help you increase your visibility and drive more leads and sales.

Implementing an ongoing Maintenance Strategy for your Google Business Profile Listing is especially important to continue your ranking progress and maximize your benefits. This can include updating information, publishing posts, uploading photos, soliciting and responding to reviews, and incorporating new products, services, and features to your business that increase your business value. Implementing an ongoing Google Business Profile Optimization Strategy will help you increase your results and ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

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Google Business Profile Best Practices for Unique Situations

How to Prepare for Your Particular Setup

When optimizing your Google Business Profile Listing, it is important that you follow Google Best Practices to maximize your listing’s benefits. This is especially true when your business has unique conditions that do not allow you to fit the prototypical mold most other businesses fit within. In any case, our Google Business Profile Experts can help in your unique situation so that you can utilize your Listing Features and overcome any challenges you might face along the way.

Google Business Profile Best Practices

Multi-Location Businesses and Advertising Agencies

Seamless Setup and Management

Business owners who have multiple locations sometimes experience roadblocks with setting up multiple location listings. If not done correctly, Google may even penalize you and flag your account for creating “Duplicate Listings”.

Our GBP Optimization Experts can help you properly set up multiple listings, optimize them, and create a single account structure for all locations to help you manage all listings from one account. And if you have been penalized, our team can help you correct and clear out any duplicates or suspensions you have incurred.

Google Business Profile Multi Location Business

Home Offices and Hiding Sensitive Address Information

Keep Your Home from Being “Findable” on Google Maps

There are many businesses out there today who use Home as Headquarters for their business. Unfortunately, this type of arrangement can often complicate the decision of what to use for a Business Address in your Google Business Profile.

Using your home address in your listing can create legitimate concerns. Whether for safety reasons or business credibility. In either case, there is good news on the horizon! Our experts can help you setup a listing while preventing your residential information from being featured online in the Google Map Results.

Google Business Profiles Home Business

Completing a Google Business Profile Setup Without a Website

Free Builders and Temporary Landing Pages

For business owners looking to setup a Google Business Profile Listing without a website, you have options. There are resources and free web page builders online that can provide temporary solutions to help you complete setup of your GBP.

Within your Google Business Profile Setup, you can activate Google Sites to build a Landing Page or even a Multi-Page Website. Or, you can work with our experts to help you build a Professional Landing Page while our Web Development Team builds you a brand new Website Design for your business.

Google Business Profile Without Website

Why does Google say my Business is Temporarily Closed?

And How to Avoid Innacurate Closures in the Future

From time to time, a business may find their business listing showing “Temporarily Closed”. This typically occurs when Google receives signals from Authoritative Data Sources that indicate that your business may not be operational.

This can be both frustrating and problematic. Especially if this has gone unnoticed for any period of time. In any case, not only can we help reverse this issue, but we can also prevent future recurrences. Through our Directory Optimization Services, we push accurate and up-to-date data to let Google know you are open for business.

Google Business Profile Temporarily Closed

Google Listing Suspension and How to Appeal for Reinstatement

How to Prepare for Your Particular Setup

Many businesses rely heavily on their Google Business Profile. So, when a listing is suspended by Google, it can severely disrupt your results and revenue. When this occurs it is often due to a violation of Google Business Profile Policies.

When your listing is suspended it is important to troubleshoot, correct the issue, and promptly apply for reinstatement. Depending on the type of violation and Google’s response time, getting your listing could take weeks to reactivate. Contact the experts at Allegiant Digital, and let us help you get back online asap.

Suspended Google Business Profile

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Google Business Profile Optimization Enhancements

Multiply Growth with Digital Marketing Services that Boost GBP Optimization

Maximize your Google Business Profile Optimization by adding complementary services that elevate your performance. With add on Digital Marketing Service Enhancements you can extend your customer reach, enrich their experience, and generate greater revenue opportunities to help your business grow.

Local SEO

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Gain Map and Organic Prominence

Map Listings account for nearly 24% of clicks that occur on the first page of Google. Organic Listings (Local SEO) make up 50% to 60% (or more) of the remaining balance. Between the two (Maps and Organic Results), that’s roughly three-quarters of where your audience is on Google. Having a Local SEO Program is an absolute necessity for your Digital Marketing Strategy. Not only does this account for the majority of where your traffic originates, but it can also help elevate your Map and Local SEO Rankings. Leverage Local SEO with your Google Business Profile and watch your results soar. To Learn More, click: Local SEO

Directory Optimization

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Consistent Directories Elevate Map Rank

Setting up and Optimizing your Directory Listings is a key feature of your Map and SEO Strategy. It has a direct correlation to SEO that can influence your Map and Organic Rankings. Directory Optimization, which focuses on building listings in other key directories, is another source Google looks at when ranking your website. Simplify and organize your setup and optimizations with our Directory Optimization Platform that will unify your business information, increase lateral exposure across the internet, and help you reach more customers. To Learn More, click: Directory Optimization

Reviews and Reputation Management

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Google Reviews that influence Performance

Over 90% of buying decisions made online are influenced by Reviews. Having a rock-solid listing foundation and gleaming reputation online can literally make or break your business in today’s digital world. However, soliciting Reviews and Protecting your Brand comes with challenges. Allegiant Reviews and our Reputation Platform help you streamline processes that include gathering reviews and helping you monitor your Brand Reputation. Ensuring your company is positioned as a reputable business people can trust. To Learn More, click: Reviews or Reputation Management

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