Facebook Advertising

The #1 Social Platform to Get New Leads

Facebook Advertising boasts one of the largest and most dynamic Social Media Marketing Systems in the Industry. With 2.85 billion monthly users, businesses are likely to find prospective customers cruising Feeds, mingling in Groups, and hanging out in other Facebook Properties offering the ideal opportunity to connect. Find your perfect customer, build look-alike targeting lists, and expand your social reach infinitely across the Facebook Network. Reach, engage, and convert leads with Facebook Ads Today!

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What is Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ad Experts that Can Maximize Your Performance

Facebook is one of the most powerful Social Media Platforms that your business can use to reach new customers. And with Facebook Ads Management Services at your disposal, Social Media Marketing Agencies like Allegiant Digital can put this power directly into your control to grow your business.

With Facebook Ads Management, we help your business set up, create, and develop Facebook Advertising Strategies and Services. Giving you access to targeted, quality, and buying motivated audiences who want and are ready to do business with you.

Leveraging the Meta Business Suite and technology such as AI, Automation, and our own Proprietary Programs, we help build and deploy highly targeted, engaging, and conversion-optimized campaigns.  Supported by our Tracking Technologies, we not only provide transparency to our Partners with their investment and results. This technology also provides data intelligence that enables our Facebook Ads Management Experts and Technologies to identify, optimize, and scale leads and campaign investment efficiencies to drive your maximum ROI potential. Ready to get started? Let’s talk!

Facebook Ads Management

How Facebook Ads can Benefit Your Business

A Vast Audience with Plenty of Opportunities

Facebook marketing services can put your brand in front of a community of over 2 billion monthly users. And with advanced customer insight systems and targeting capabilities, you can specify where, when, and how your ads reach the right customers for your business when they are ready to convert.

Put the power of Facebook Ads Management to work for your business. Are you looking to build Brand Appeal and Awareness to increase your Consumer Reach? Or, build strategically promoted Unique Selling Propositions (USP) that separate your Brand from the competition in order to increase your credibility and engagement? Or, maybe you are simply looking to leverage Facebook Remarketing Technologies to remain in front of your target audience to win their buying decision. If any of these apply to you, then Facebook Ads can deliver results.

Facebook Advertising Features

Facebook Advertising Services make spreading the word about your brand easier than ever before. With Meta’s Business Suite and both Allegiant Digital’s Expertise and Technologies, we help brands thrive. When we are able to increase overall brand visibility, market penetration, brand equity, and deepen their connections, we foster a more connected and engaged audience. Not only influencing interaction, but building brand support, advocacy, and a smarter way to scale your sales and revenue.

With Facebook’s pixel system, you can use Facebook ads to Remarket to users who had previously engaged with your advertisements or page. With Facebook Remarketing, help your business stay front of mind and remain present as your audience moves about the Facebook Platform. Helping you create Brand Stickiness that keeps you connected to your previously engaged audience can assist in getting them to convert in the event they did not buy from you during their initial interaction with your products or services.

With Facebook Ads, you can expect to see an Average Conversion Rate of 9.12% across all Industries. Adding Facebook Remarketing can further increase your conversion rates making your Facebook Marketing Investment go further than ever before. Helping your business recapture second and third opportunities to convert prospects that can help you maximize your Facebook Advertising and Organic efforts and investment.

Make connections that go deeper than a purchase. People are more likely to buy from a brand that they like and connect with. And with Facebook Ads Management and Facebook Remarketing, you can connect with them in a much more meaningful and personal way.

Within Facebook, you do not want to take just a Business-Like approach to your Branding and Marketing Strategy. If you want to build Brand Loyalty, customers will need to See the Leader or Team that operates the business from behind the curtain. Creating clever Ad Content, brand appeal, plus supporting Remarketing assets that resonate with your audience, gives them a Face within Facebook to connect with that can elevate your brand with exponential momentum.

Having experts like Allegiant Digital to help you reach and engage your audience is instrumental to your success. Using the Facebook Ads Management and Remarketing Platforms can help you nurture and build deep roots within your customer base. Fostering better relationships that create lifelong customers who will support and advocate for your brand to others. Not only will this create residual purchases, but when your customers share and refer your brand to others, it produces greater sustainability and reliable growth as well.

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Facebook Ad Styles and Purpose

How and When to Use Facebook Ad Formats to Help you Stand Out

Facebook Advertising offers a variety of ways for you to reach your target customers. Beyond Facebook Demographic, Psychographic, and Geographic Targeting Features exists the different Ad Formats that you can use to reach your ideal candidates. However, navigating through your options can present challenges if you are not familiar with Facebook Advertising Management.

At Allegiant Digital, we not only are capable of helping you identify your target audiences based on their interests, background details, age, gender, or other characteristics that makeup who they are and what interests them in your business. We also have the knowledge and expertise to understand the best ways to engage them using the different Facebook Ad Formats that can be used to reach them in the first place.

Build smarter targeted campaigns using the formats that reach your audience how and where it matters most. With this approach, we can help you build better Facebook Ads that will have higher appeal and engagement, as well as deliver greater volume in conversions that ultimately improve overall sales and revenue. Higher the experts in Facebook Ads Management and fully utilize the Facebook Ads Platform to elevate your business performance and ROI today.

Facebook Ads Management Services

Facebook Ad Formats and Use Case

This is the first option for most who are doing Facebook Advertising for the first time. Image Ads are simply a Combination of an Image with Captions or Text. They are a quick and easy way to get your message out in front of potential customers.

A more interactive approach to Facebook Ads that creates a more engaging experience can be utilizing the Facebook Video Ad feature. Video Ads can be run in places like News Feeds or Stories. They can also be set up to appear in In-Stream, for those who have a longer video than what can be used in News Feeds or Stories. They are a great way to help you demonstrate your products and services in action to build value and drive conversions.

If you want to create additional user engagement with a product or service, Facebook Poll Ads are a great way to create customer interaction. Although a Mobile-Only format, they are easy to set up and can be used to get insight into the features of your products or services that resonate the most with your audience. Helping you to then use that feedback to reinforce your Facebook Ad Content in other parts of your strategy to really build appeal and create more leads and purchases.

With Facebook Carousel Ads, you can embed up to 10 images or videos that help you really spotlight your products and services in their entirety. Whether you are showcasing the benefits of one product or several, this functionality can really help demonstrate to your audience the features and reasons why they should buy from you. Pairing this with our Landing Page Services can elevate this service even more so, by engineering a highly concentrated campaign that is geared to convert and drive sales.

Facebook Slideshow Ads are an easy way to develop short video ads using a collection of static photos, captions or text, or videos you have that demonstrate your products or services. What makes them so attractive to advertisers is that they create an eye-catching motion, similar to Video Ads, but use far fewer data-heavy resources to operate. This makes it easier to produce and run these formats to maximize your performance and results.

Using the Facebook Collection Ads Format enables you to showcase up to five images or videos that your audience can interact with to buy that product or service. They are paired with Instant Experiences (discussed later) and allow people to purchase those products or services without ever having to leave Facebook. This simplifies the shopping experience for your audience while helping you convert more purchases. Thus, driving greater ROI for your business from Facebook Advertising.

Formerly known as Canvas, Facebook Instant Experience Ads are a full-screen ad format that loads 15 times faster than a mobile website. Making this type of experience while on Facebook from a Mobile Device better for User Experience (UX). It also makes it easier to interact with and engage by providing an easier format for your audience to connect with and convert from as well as increasing your ad performances.

This mobile-only feature is an excellent addition to your Facebook Ads Management Strategy. The goal of this approach simplifies your audience’s ability to give you their contact information without having to do a lot of typing. This feature is especially useful for objectives like increasing newsletter subscriptions or signing up prospects for a trial of your product or service.

Using Dynamic Ads is an extremely beneficial strategy for your Facebook Advertising. This is because it allows you to promote specific products or services to targeted audiences who are most likely to be interested in them. This creates higher engagement and can help you convert more leads, especially if there are certain products or services you wish to focus on that are more ideal for your business or profit margins.

With Facebook Messenger Ads, you can target your audience directly from their Chats List and provide a unique and powerful way to reach and engage new prospective customers. This helps you to create a more direct method of reaching out to targeted audiences and give them an easier path to interact with your brand through Facebook.

Facebook Stories Ads are another popular way to reach your targeted audience. This is because it allows you to inject your Facebook Ad Content directly into the Stories Stream as your prospects cycle through their Family and Friend’s stories. With clever and strategic practice, you can use Facebook Story Ads to increase your click-throughs to your products or services which can increase leads and conversions.

Filters and Animations on Facebook are both fun and popular features among your targeted audience. They allow users to add exaggerated looks and features to their pictures or stories and are a great way for you to inject your branding into these elements to build awareness of your business. Furthermore, when a user takes a selfie or adds your branded filter to their page or story, it is now a way for you to reach their circle of influence to build a greater reach of your brand exposure to their family and friends.

What Makes Allegiant Digital Different?

How we Elevate Your Facebook Ads Management Performance

It truly takes an expert when it comes to all things digital marketing, especially Facebook Ads Management. Not only do you need a Social Media Marketing Agency that has the technical knowledge to be successful, but also the business acumen and marketing expertise to create a profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign with optimal performance.

At Allegiant Digital we offer over 20 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry and offer a variety of innovative tools, technologies, and techniques that have been tempered by first-hand knowledge and an eye for future trends. When we provide Facebook Ads Management Services, we do more than create visually captivating ads that resonate deeply with your audience. We create strategic and meticulously designed campaigns, backed by technology, to optimize your performances that yield the most profitable results for your business through the Meta Business Suite. Ready to get started?

Why Allegiant for Facebook Advertising

Allegiant Digital hires and trains experts in their respective fields, and keeps standards high. Each of our team members individually holds Google and Facebook Ads Certifications. We also ensure they receive at least 500 hours of on-the-job training before they ever even touch a Facebook Advertising Campaign. Regardless of their previous experience. We ensure our teams use Industry Best Practices and work within a collaborative environment that focuses on delivering results through an optimized strategy. Helping our Partners who entrust us to produce at the highest standards, and exceed their goals and expectations.

Our team members are trained in the best practices for Facebook Ads! We keep on top of trends and are ready to employ the best of these practices for your business. We demand the best from ourselves so that we can bring the highest quality services possible to your business. Our team is composed of experienced marketers who can bring unique, innovative insights to your marketing strategies.

This doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels. Allegiant Digital is dedicated to redefining the digital marketing space with creative and innovative work that goes beyond the traditional. When we say that Allegiant Digital is disruptive, this is what we mean – using data, experience, and creativity in tandem to push beyond the competition, the status quo, and the cookie-cutter approach.

Facebook AI system is designed to work in tandem with our team and our Automation and AI Technologies. Offering data to support and guide our clients towards the most optimized ROI. If the data doesn’t support it, we don’t recommend it. We hold ourselves to this standard because we believe that you should only spend your precious time and money on efforts that will directly contribute to increasing your revenue.

Our team is trained to analyze the data that our systems supply and offer recommendations based on intelligence that support our decisions. Combined with exceptional experience and boundless creativity, every Social Media Marketing Expert that you speak to will be prepared to assist you in growing your Facebook presence to new heights!

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