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Conversational Marketing that Converts

Twitter Advertising is an excellent Social Platform for businesses to promote and engage prospective customers. It’s great for building a brand identity that can help you bring your products and services to market while giving you the opportunity to develop a “Voice” that can help you stand out among your competition. Take advantage of Allegiant Digital’s Twitter Advertising Services and build a Clever Brand Personality to engage and drive Twitter Conversations that lead to new customer acquisition.

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Why Use Twitter Ads?

Targeted Text-Based Marketing

As a whole, social media marketing is one of the most prolific and profitable digital marketing strategies you can employ. Over 70% of US adults consult social media when making purchasing decisions, and as the 5th most popular social media site, Twitter is not to be ignored.

Over 4 million people log onto Twitter every single day, and that includes your target market. Utilizing Twitter advertising means connecting with one of the largest networking systems to connect with your clients and prospective customers, and Allegiant Digital is here to help you get in front of them where they most often exist. Connect with one of our Twitter advertising specialists today and see how we can help you optimize your ROI!

Twitter Advertising Services

How Twitter Advertising Works For Your Business

Reach Your Audience Using Strategic Tweets to Engage and Convert

Twitter can be an intimidating tool to use. It moves at a breakneck pace, and new content is being constantly added. It can also become one of your business’s strongest conversion tools. Here are a few ways that Allegiant Digital’s Twitter marketing services can benefit your business.

Disruptive much? We’d like to think so. We aren’t here just to make a buck – we are here to be your partner in digital marketing. If you’d like to connect with one of our team members, Click Here to claim your free consultation and ARC report today!

Twitter Purpose and Objectives

You may want to entirely rebrand your business, or you may want to market to a specific demographic. Either way, Twitter can be a valuable asset to your brand’s ROI. Specifically, it can increase your overall brand engagement. Pinpoint and dominate relevant hashtags, and connect with new and engaging audiences who are reading to consume and react to your content. 

You can also use Twitter to better identify and understand your target demographics. Using Twitter’s advertising systems, you can gain valuable insight into what your target market needs, desires, and who they follow or admire. You can also hear directly from your customers! Get direct feedback on specific products and offerings and resolve any negative customer experiences. Overall, show your customers that you are listening to them.

Over 500 million tweets are sent out every day. That is 600 billion every year or 6000 every second. That can be intimidating, but it can also be an opportunity. Using Twitter’s algorithm, you can forge a sense of urgency for your products or services. Temporary and special offers can find their special audience on Twitter. Take it a step further with compelling digital copy and a coordinated landing page (Courtesy of Allegiant Digitals Web Design and Content Development teams), and you can have an entirely new conversion strategy that can funnel brand new customers into your brand.

Twitter ads are an amazing way to speak with your customers, both present and prospective. You can communicate exactly what your brand is, who it is geared towards, and what you value most. For example, think of the restaurant chain Wendy’s which used Twitter to help rebrand its business and appeal to a younger demographic. Now they have an entirely new marketing segment that they worked to engage and connect with. As a result, it has helped their business thrive.

While your message and your market might differ from Wendy’s, the tools that they used to reform their brand are available to you, now! Twitter ads can help you turn prospects into customers and turn customers into brand advocates. The road to Twitter marketing success may seem filled with uncertainty, but Allegiant Digital is here to help! Our Twitter marketing specialists are here to help guide you towards strategies that will be most beneficial to your specific brand and industry.

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How Allegiant Digital does Twitter Advertising

Twitter Marketing Experts Backed by Technology

Work with the experts at Allegiant Digital Marketing who leverage over 20 years of Digital and Social Media Marketing Expertise to help position your brand, products, and services as superior to that of your competition. Backed by tracking and optimization technologies to help you identify what, how, and why your target prospects engage with you on Social Platforms like Twitter and what gets them to engage and convert into leads for your business.

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Twitter with Allegiant Digital

Our team of Twitter ads management experts are focused on developing your Twitter branding and increasing your overall digital marketing ROI. We can help you set up, manage, analyze, and optimize your Twitter advertising to reach exactly who you want it to. Every member of our Twitter marketing team goes through 500 hours of on-the-job training and holds a certification in Google and Social media ads systems.

Allegiant is dedicated to maintaining a high standard for all team members because we want to provide only the highest quality services possible. Allegiant Digital makes continued learning a way of life. Our team stays on top of industry trends and digital marketing innovations and employs only the most profitable of these in our recommendations for your business.

Our advising is based on progressive data and best practices, and our Twitter ads team is trained to use and improve upon these techniques to optimize your ROI. We take the time necessary to fully understand your target market, and how you want to present your business offerings. Our team can help you strategize which techniques are best for your specific situation, then work to implement these techniques to their maximum efficiency!

Our proprietary AI technology is on the cutting edge and ensures that each of our clients receives top-tier services. Utilizing data AI systems when making Twitter ads allows us to keep up with Twitter’s fast-paced environment. Our team members are trained to analyze the data in order to create unique recommendations that will put your services several steps ahead of the competition.

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