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Display Advertising is an incredibly powerful Search Marketing Tool that can significantly improve the performance of all your Digital Marketing. What makes this feature powerful is the ability to target customers based on their demographic, psychographic, and search behaviors while targeting the websites where they spend their time online. With our Advanced Marketing IQ, Ad Creative Development, and Optimization Technologies, we build stronger brand awareness and engagement that drive maximum results.

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What Are Google Display Ads

Targetted Advertising Giving You Ultimate Control of Your Results

Google display ads are built to connect your business with your intended target audience. This is accomplished by expanding your ability to reach them through the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is made up of websites that have partnered with Google allowing the search engine to place Advertising Content on their website. This gives advertisers a way to feature their products or services on these Google Partner websites.

Ads on the Google Partner Websites are made up of “Banner” style graphics allowing you to leverage visual assets to promote your business. These assets can be made up of Pictures, Text, and Videos depending on the types of Ads you have setup and the type of website the Ad Content is featured on.

Display ads can leverage the Google Display Network to connect you with customers based on many targeting criteria features. Whether you target based on those who have expressed interest through their search history in similar products or services you offer, demographics, psychographics, geographic, and other behaviors you can choose based on what you know about the type of customers you want to reach. Making Display Advertising a Powerful Digital Marketing Tool for your business.

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Display Advertising Features and Functionality

The Types of Display Ads and How to Use Them

While there are multiple types and variations of Display Ads, they all share the same primary goals. To target and engage your audience and get them to Interact and Convert with your Brand.

Display Ads help you proactively solicit your audience without relying on them to proactively seek you out through traditional search methods, such as PPC or SEO. This approach helps you create awareness around your company, the products you offer, or the services you sell. It allows you to leverage your cleverness and creativity that can build valuable brand engagement. And ultimately help separate you from your competition so that you win the business in the end.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of Display Ads available to your business and discuss how they work.

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Types of Display Ads

Traditional Display Ads use Static Images and Ad Copy to feature your Product or Service across the Google Display Network. And although they are limited in functionality compared to their newer counterparts, they still boast an extremely effective click-through rate when implemented correctly.

There are many variations of the Standard Display Ad – mostly focused on the specific dimensions and formats used to create your ads. They are easy to develop as well as implement. And provide agile flexibility to optimize their performance for your target audience or marketing goal.

Responsive Display Ads are one of the primary ad formats used in Display Advertising. They are appealing because they provide an advertiser the ability to upload all of their assets at one time, which can include images, videos, logos, headlines, and descriptions, which Google can then auto-build and populate. They are preformatted to meet all layout and dimension requirements on the Google Partner Websites where your Display Ads are featured, eliminating the need to build out each variation manually one by one. They also offer optimization features that generate and serve the top ad versions and formats based on their performance. This includes user experience and engagement that drive your campaign’s best clicks and conversions.

Remarketing Ads is a special form of Display Advertising that instead targets users who have already engaged with your website previously. Offering you a way to continue to feature ad content to that user in an attempt to draw them back to your website, especially if they did not convert on their first visit. There are many strategies that are used for Google Remarketing Ads that can drive more conversions and revenue for your business. If you would like to learn more about remarketing ads, check out Google Remarketing!

These ads distinguish themselves from traditional display ads by utilizing ‘rich media’ (Gifs, short videos, audio, etc.) rather than static images. These types of ads offer a more interactive experience that can engage your audience and provide performance enhancements that improve ad interaction and clicks. An example of an Interactive Display Ad can be a format that plays a video while conducting a poll at the same time.

These ads center around video content, both on Youtube and throughout the Google Display Network where this format is supported. You have probably seen them take the form of short videos that play before a Youtube clip, but they can take many different forms.

A shortlist of them is as follows:

  • – Skippable in-stream ads
  • – Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • – Video discovery ads
  • – Bumper Ads
  • – Outstream ads

These ads work similarly to traditional and responsive display ads, with the biggest difference being that site-specific ads have a particular focus on placement targeting. This essentially means that these particular ads will only display on sites that you select.

As the name suggests, custom ads are designed to give you as much freedom as possible when creating specific ads and campaigns. With the help of Google’s advanced targeting, you can create ads that appeal to just about any target audience with ease.

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How Allegiant Digital  Does Google Display Ads

The Types of Display Ads and How to Use Them

Google Display Ads can help you do many things. Whether you are looking to build your brand credibility, reach new prospects, generate awareness, or recapture previous leads to convert into customers, Display Ads are perfect for your business. The Google Display Network has an enormous reach, and the systems in place can help you narrow down the specific language that speaks to your prospective customer, reaching them on the websites where they are most likely to see your ads.

Allegiant Digital Marketing is dedicated to helping all of our Display Ad Partners navigate which ad styles best serve them and their overall goals. We succeed when you succeed, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Types of Display Ads

Display Ads specifically require that you have at least one visual element present within the ad, and they allow you to target audiences based on many combinations of selectable criteria. From geographic location, to interest-based targeting, to demographic factors and beyond. The simple fact is that Display Ads give you a lot of room for customization so that you can build ads that best suit your business’ needs!

At Allegiant Digital we can help you identify and build the right strategy with the right creative that engages your audience and gets them to convert. Additionally, we leverage data and marketing intelligence to find where to reach your ideal audience and use AI-backed technology to optimize the experience and result that delivers optimal performance and produces the best ROI for your business from Display Advertising.

Google Display Advertising can be found under the umbrella of the Google Ads Platform often associated with Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we hold that the key to PPC Advertising and Management is remaining completely transparent with our partners in regards to ad viability and ROI. We mark our success by the success of our partners, and as your partner, we will never encourage you to move down a path that would not provide ample benefits.

At the center of all our efforts, morals, and successes is a team of dedicated digital marketers who see beyond the limitations of the traditional digital marketing experience. At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we seek to disrupt the old way of doing things and reimagine digital engagement for the modern era. The world is changing and it will continue to change. It is the role of the digital marketer to stay ahead of the curve and guide you towards new trends and ideas that will push your marketing efforts above and beyond what they were previously.

Our PPC Google Display Ads system integrates top-of-the-line AI systems to bring you the most current and relevant data. Our goal is always to push your business to new heights through digital marketing. With AI, that can happen a lot faster and with the backing of data and statistics rather than guesswork. Our team can interpret the AI systems’ findings and implement them in ways that best serve your company. Work with our team and find out how you can benefit from our AI systems.

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