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Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO for short, is the focus of increasing the total number of desired actions you want your audience to take while on your website. These actions, or Conversion Behaviors, can be as simple as getting more people to sign up for a newsletter or they can be more complex. Such as a multi-layered conversion funnel, containing multiple action triggers, that lead your audience to high ticket transactions, like qualifying to purchase a business. Regardless of difficulty, our CRO Experts can help your results soar!

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Okay, But What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Breaking Down The Jargon

Conversion Rate Optimization, at its core, is simply any effort that is specifically designed to optimize your company’s ability to convert prospects into customers. It is not like a typical marketing campaign, which lasts for a specific amount of time. Conversion Rate Optimization is an ongoing flow, a continuous cycle of research and tests designed to optimize your conversion rate, increase lead growth, and maximize your ROI potential.

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How Conversion Rate Optimization Works

Data-Informed Decision Making

Conversion rate optimization is driven by data and based on previous visitor interactions. Experienced conversion rate optimization specialists will always refer back to data, rather than instinct. CRO systems give you a window into the mentality of your customers. You can identify what elements of your campaign draw their attention, which pages bring in the most traffic, what creates friction points in their journey, as well as optimization techniques to remove their challenges. This will dramatically improve your ability to convert more leads into more sales, increasing your revenue exponentially.

The Process of CRO

Conducting effective research sets the stage for everything that follows. This will be the foundation which everything is built upon. Collecting this data requires familiarity with website code, analytics systems like Google Analytics, and user tracking technology.

If you nor your team have the experience or the bandwidth to accommodate that, then working with professionals like our CRO team specialists will be highly beneficial and profitable. It’s good to have an understanding of this process, though, even if you hire specialists. Understanding CRO data and methodology can leave you better equipped to make decisions for your online presence and campaign tactics.

Unfortunately, not every improvement can be made at one time. It’s important to prioritize CRO projects and organize them into a cohesive plan for improvement.  Consider how much effort each proposed change will require and develop an estimation of how much impact each experiment will have. 

Working with an experienced CRO specialist can be beneficial at this juncture because they can help you pinpoint the changes that can generate the most value and make the greatest improvement to your overall conversion rate.

A/B testing allows you to compare newer versions of your web pages with older or alternative versions. With A/B testing, you gain insight into how the changes will affect your conversion rate before you commit to changing elements of your site. You can directly see if the proposed changes will translate to real benefits for your business.  

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How Allegiant Digital Does CRO

Work With Experienced Conversion Strategists

Conversion rate optimization services can generate real benefits for your company, but it depends heavily upon the experience and knowledge of the specialist running the projects. At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we hold our CRO specialists to the highest standards because we succeed when your business sees major improvements in your conversion rate. We are passionate about bringing our 20+ years of experience to all of our clients and making sure that every change we suggest is backed by data. If the data doesn’t back it, we don’t recommend it.

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Ready to Start Improving Your CRO Strategy? Let’s Talk!

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