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Landing Pages elevate Ad Campaigns and often drive 3x to 5x (or higher) more leads than some of the best websites found on the internet today. Why? Because when designed right and built through the eyes of an expert lead funnel developer, we know the strategies and techniques that motivate your audience to buy. Want more sales from your Digital Ad Campaigns? We can help! Drive better prospect engagement and boost visit to lead ratios with the Advanced Landing Page Services from Allegiant Digital today!

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What Are Landing Pages

How they Help Support Digital Marketing Strategies

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a landing page? Landing Pages are simply single-page web pages designed to convert leads. In practice, they act much like a digital brochure and are often used to illustrate the features and benefits of a product or service that you are focusing on promoting.

Landing pages, when built correctly, can be extremely effective. They help pique your audience’s attention and keep them focused on the topic they came to your page to learn more about. It increases their momentum in deepening their engagement with your brand. And, they ultimately prime their behavior favorably to act on the decision to call, submit a contact form request, or buy the product or service you offered them directly from the page itself.

As simplistic as this may sound, Landing Pages are a unique and challenging strategy for many agencies. To truly harness the potential a Landing Page Strategy can produce for your business also requires marketing experience, creative ingenuity, A/B Testing, and a running list of skills and technology to produce results at the highest level possible.

At Allegiant Digital Marketing we set the bar in Landing Page Design. Our pages are not only designed well but are backed by sophisticated conversion funnels and automation, which ensure peak performance. Our back-end and front-end development strategies allow us to build seamless creations that can help you increase your ROI.

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The Importance of Landing Page Design

User Experience (UX), CTA’s, and Conversion

It is imperative that your Landing Page is built with the intent to convert leads. Otherwise, your strategy is doomed before you even launch your campaign. Unfortunately, this happens too often. Making mistakes like overstimulating your audience with more than necessary content, adding unrelated features that distract your audience from the goal of the page, or simply not including Call to Action (CTA) or Conversion Features, can ruin the Landing Page Experience and Objective from the onset.

When a Landing Page is designed and built correctly, it can convert 3 to 5 times more leads than some of the best websites on the internet today. That is why working with Landing Page Developers like Allegiant Digital can help boost your Digital Marketing results. This includes increasing your Conversion Rates from campaigns like Google Search or Facebook Ads, or making your Email Marketing Campaigns convert more of your targeted audience into new customers. Landing Pages can even help some of your offline efforts like Direct Mail or TV Ads convert better as well.

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What to Look For in a Landing Page Agency

It’s All in the Approach

So what exactly is it that makes a Digital Marketing Agency “Great” at Landing Pages? It’s all about their approach. What we mean by this is when you engage with an agency for any Digital Marketing Services that include a Landing Page Strategy there should be an entire process built around this approach.

Keep in mind, your Landing Page acts as one of the first visual-related experiences someone will have with your company. It must demonstrate competency and confidence in your products or services. It must accentuate your company features and unique selling propositions (USP). It needs to build excitement or the exclusiveness of what you sell to build buyer momentum. And the list goes on depending on what you sell and who you sell it to online.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at an agency for Digital Marketing and the Landing Page Strategy attached to what they offer. Or, if you would like to talk to a Landing Page Developer and Strategist for more information, call or submit a Contact Request today to get in touch!

Must-Haves for Landing Pages

Landing Pages are built in conjunction with ads and campaigns. You want to make sure that the group that you are hiring to create your landing pages has an understanding of how your landing page will fit within the overarching campaign.

Ideally, the group that is making the landing pages will either be the same team creating the ads or will be working in close proximity to the teams developing the ad content or creative. Allegiant Digital understands this, and that is why we make sure that our landing page team works closely with our PPC, Content Development, Email, and Social Media teams to ensure an overall cohesive messaging and theme.

Because the landing page is built for a specific campaign or ad, the language and the call to action will be focused entirely on the promises that the ads make to the prospect. Often they will have a singular call to action on the page so that the prospect will know exactly what they are expected to do (purchase a product, submit a form, input their email address, etc.) and what they will receive in exchange for that, whether it be a product, a newsletter, or anything else that your business is prepared to offer.

Focused and streamlined text visually tells the viewer exactly where they are and what they need to do next. Every element is focused on conversion, and anything that pulls away from that goal is swiftly eliminated. This is how you avoid either confusing the viewer or turning them off from the offer entirely.

There should never be a one size fits all approach. Especially when you have a diverse range of demographics and psychographic behaviors that make up your customer base. A/B Testing allows you to create multiple iterations of your landing page experience and leverage tracking technologies. This will help identify what audience groups respond to which landing page experiences that are most successful at converting leads. If your agency does not have a Landing Page A/B Testing Strategy, your campaigns will never reach their full potential.

Your Landing Page Strategy must come with Lead Tracking Services. Call Tracking, Form Submissions, and any Transactional Features should be tracked within your Landing Page Experience. Without it, you will be unable to identify what features of your page work versus what does not work as well as what A/B experiences resonate with your audience and deliver optimal conversion performance.

Why our Landing Page Strategy is Unique

Experts Who Know How to Make Landing Pages Convert Leads

Allegiant Digital aims for informed innovation, meaning that we work to combine best practices and industry knowledge with forward-thinking creative inspiration. What this means for your business is that you get a team of landing page experts who aim to achieve your vision and conversion goals.

Landing Pages that Deliver Results

We collaborate with you to create an overarching campaign message that resonates with your target client. Our designers integrate high-quality graphics, dynamic animations, and stunning visual elements that catch the attention of visitors while communicating the core message behind your landing pages. Our developers provide expertise and experience to create landing pages that are relevant, compelling, and effective for your target client.

We believe in creating engaging messages that connect with the reader by emphasizing key messaging through a user-friendly designed interface. This can only be achieved if we fully understand the demands of our audience and what content they engage with online. Every aspect of your campaign must be conceptually finalized before proceeding into the development phase. We perform an extensive review process until you are completely satisfied with your new design. We then help you test out different versions to decide which version meets your needs, but more importantly, meets the needs of your customers above all else.

Our data AI technology helps our Landing Page team locate, collect, and analyze useful market and competitor data. Our team is trained extensively on how to work with the data our technology provides our experts. Utilizing these systems allows our data and marketing analyst to create Landing Page Experiences that deliver high engagement and convert leads at exponential rates. With our approach, experience, and technology, we create one-of-a-kind Landing Page Strategies that deliver the Maximum ROI from your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

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