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Mastering Directory Optimization is often a part of the SEO Strategy that many businesses overlook. And with hundreds of Online Directories to choose from it is difficult to know which ones matter, and of those, which impact your Map and Google Organic Rankings. Fortunately, we got you covered! With our Directory Optimization Services and Listing Management Platform we can help you build, optimize, and maintain your listings with ease. So you can focus on more important matters: Growing your Business.

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What are Online Business Directories?

And how they can help your Business generate more Sales

An Online Business Directory is a website that contains listings of businesses, their products and services, and the cities where these businesses are located. They offer information about businesses such as their name, address, contact details, products they sell or services they offer, and more. Some Online Business Directories also provide Internet Users a secondary destination where they can go to find ratings and reviews of the businesses they are considering buying from or hiring.

Although Online Business Directories are less popular than using a Search Engine, like Google, they still offer a variety of benefits to your business and your online audience. They also provide value to the Search Engines as well. For your company, this is another place online where you can advertise or appear. For the User who prefers to search on Directories, it serves as another place for them to find your products and services. For the Search Engine, it provides a way to confirm the accuracy of your business details compared to what is listed in places like Google Business Profiles.

Online Business Directories provide a number of Free Benefits that can help your business earn more traffic and leads. They are specifically helpful when it comes to Directory Optimization and its impact on your SEO program. To learn more about Online Business Directories, continue reading or contact our Directory Optimization Professionals at Allegiant Digital Marketing: Click Here to Get in Touch

What is an Online Directory

What is Directory Submission and Optimization?

And How Can it Help My Business?

The first step in your Directory Optimization Strategy is Directory Submission. Directory Submission is the process of submitting your Business Information, such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Website Address, and Description of Products and Services offered to the top Major Online Directories. While some Directories require manual input, there are Directory Submission Platforms that can help you streamline much of the manual input required. And since business details are often overwritten with old or outdated information, using a Directory Submission Platform can also ensure the correct business details stay intact. This way, both Search Engines and Users will be able to access the correct and most relevant details associated with your business.

After you complete the Directory Submission process and implement an ongoing Directory Submission Feed to maintain accuracy, the next step is to optimize your listings. Optimizing listings allow you to do things like provide a better description, incorporate coupons and advertising features to help better sell your services, and embed keywords and links that can help drive more traffic from the directories to your website. By increasing your reach, maintaining accuracy, and implementing advertising techniques into your listings, you can maximize your listing’s benefits that can help drive more traffic and selling opportunities for your business.

Directory Optimization and Submission

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How Directory Optimization Helps SEO

Data Uniformity, Content, Search Engine Signals, and Link Building

Directory Optimization can have a significant bearing on your SEO efforts and results. If done correctly, it can indirectly assist in boosting your Google Map Rankings and can help lift Organic SEO Visibility. Here are a few of the features Directory Optimization can provide to your business that can set you up for success.

Directory Optimization SEO Features

A part of Directory Optimization includes Directory Submission. Directory Submission is the process of submitting your Business Details and Website URL into the Major Directories under the category or categories of business your company represents. Doing so allows you to furnish better information to the general public while corroborating business details that search engines use for NAP Consistency.

NAP, which stands for Name, Address, and Phone number is a feature of search engines like Google used to identify consistency in your business details that exist across the internet. This is a ranking factor and helps search engines with providing relevant and consistent information to their audience. Because quality in User Experience is of the utmost importance to the search engines, it is often scrutinized and influences Map and Organic Rankings with SEO.

Another feature that Directory Optimization creates is the ability to develop inbound links to your website. Inbound Links, often referred to as Link Building, is the process of creating links from reputable sites that can help boost your website’s credibility. Having more inbound links coming into your website from credible sources will help to influence and improve your website rankings.

Using Directories as a Link Building source can help you quickly and efficiently boost the number of quality inbound links you gain to your website. Depending on the features of the directory and the ability to develop keyword and content insertion opportunities, can also help you dial into specific products and services you are trying to boost within your SEO Strategy.

Many Directories now incorporate Rating and Review functionalities. This not only provides you with complimentary sources to reinforce your brand’s reputation and value, but it can also help you develop social signals that can trigger search engine ranking improvements.

Search Engines like Google use Peer Feedback Systems to identify a Company’s Prominence and Reputation in their marketplace. The more positive reinforcement your business exhibits from your customers, the better your perceived value increases with the search engines. More reviews and positive ratings coming from more sources online will help boost your company’s Search Engine Stock Value which can help influence better Map and SEO Rankings.

Directory Audit

How Allegiant Digital Marketing can Improve Your Directory Strategy

Ready to take the next step? At Allegiant Digital Marketing we offer comprehensive Directory Audit Services geared to help you Identify, Isolate, and Improve Directory Listings to maximize their benefit and value. By looking at the top 175+ Online Directories, our Directory Experts can hunt down issues that exist within your listings such as NAP Inconsistencies and business detail discrepancies that can incorrectly inform your audience and confuse Search Engines.

With your Directory Audit, we provide strategic reviews of your listings, offer recommendations and plan implementation features that will fix and help maintain Directory Information. This way, your business will have an ongoing Directory Optimization Program and Platform in place to keep business information accuracy intact across the internet.

Directory Optimization Audit

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Directory Optimization Services

That Increase Visibility, Drive Leads, and Increase ROI

Having a Comprehensive and Industry Leading Directory Submission and Optimization Platform to work for your business can produce tremendous value and upside opportunities. Opportunities and value that can help your business increase visibility online, drive more leads, and produce your ultimate ROI potential. With an end-to-end solution backed by the Industry’s Leading Software Platform, Allegiant Digital Marketing offers a superior Directory Submission and Optimization Platform and Service to help your business maximize your Directory Optimization Performance.

Boost your Directory Listing performance and increase your ROI value through Allegiant Digital Marketing Directory Submission and Optimization Services. Our Directory Optimization Experts are available and ready to help you today! Call or Click Here for more information.

Optimization and Submission Services

  • Directory Optimization Features

  • Direct Feed Integrations

  • Listing Assertion and Lock Features

  • Listing Data Synchronization

  • Real-Time Updating

  • Scheduled Updates

  • Duplicate Listing Suppression

  • Publisher Suggestions

  • Directory Listing Analytics

  • And more…

Directory Optimization Enhancements

Digital Marketing Services that Boost Directory Optimization

Maximize your Directory Optimization where you do business by adding complementary services that enhance your Digital Marketing Performance. With add-on Digital Marketing Service Enhancements you can extend your customer reach, enrich their experience, and generate greater ROI growth opportunities that will help your business grow.

Directory Optimization “Add On” Services

Directory Optimization is just one of the foundational items needed for a strong Local SEO Campaign. By implementing Local SEO with your Directory Optimization Program, you give your business a greater opportunity to increase your total online exposure. Not only by increasing your chances of showing up on over 175+ Major Online Directories but also by getting your business featured on the top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo through your Local SEO Program. To Learn More, click: Local SEO

Setting up and Optimizing your Directory Listings help with Local SEO. Optimizing your Google My Business Listing is the exclamation point to your Directory Optimization Strategy. Build better rankings and increase your exposure in Google Maps by incorporating Google My Business Optimization which will aid and compliment your Directory Optimization Services. By unifying your data across all major platforms, you will harness a holistic Directory Optimization Strategy that can help maximize your Directory Optimization Results. To Learn More, click: Google Business Profile Optimization

With more than 90% of buying decisions made online influenced by Consumer Reviews, ensuring your Directory Listings gain reviews and improve overall brand appeal can help you drive more business. With Allegiant Digital Marketing Reputation Management and Review’s Services, build your Company’s Brand Equity as a reputable leader with quality products and services your target customers can trust. Streamline Review Solicitation and Monitor your Brand Reputation Online easily and efficiently like never before. To Learn More, click: Reviews and Reputation Management

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