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Unless you live under a rock, you are likely aware that Online Reviews are kind of a big deal. Approximately 95% of internet users read reviews before they make a purchase. And one of the biggest challenges businesses face in this process isn’t a lack of happy customers. But instead, a lack in a process leveraging intuitive technology that simplifies the customer’s ability to share their feedback with ease. Discover the power in the Allegiant Reviews Platform and ignite growth with your Reviews Today!

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What are Online Reviews

And Why they Matter…

Online Reviews are forms of customer feedback shared online giving personal accounts and details about your customer’s experience when doing business with your company. This feedback is typically shared or posted in places like Online Business Directory Listings, Review Websites, and Social Media. This feedback can range from bad to good, complex to simple, emotional, or matter of fact, and can demonstrate what others can expect their experience to be like when working with your organization.

As illustrated earlier, there are pretty substantial Customer Review Statistics that shape your online perception when it comes to the reviews given about your business. This is why it is especially important for you to protect your reputation and to build up reviews that will help you gain as much positive feedback as you can earn. Reviews can dictate a company’s growth and can also be its downfall.

With Allegiant Digital Marketing’s Online Review Management and Solicitation Software, we provide a comprehensive solution to help you streamline the review building process while monitoring your reputation in real-time. To help you build positive reinforcement, increase qualitative and quantitative reviews, and to monitor and protect your organization’s reputation. To learn more, Call or Submit a Contact Request today!

What are Online Reviews

How Customer Reviews Help Your Business

And not just for the obvious reasons

Online Customer Reviews have a number of benefits. Some of which are obvious, like people saying good things that will help build consumer confidence in your brand. Or the more people talking about your service will help get more of the word out to others that help you increase your brand’s reach. However, there are other benefits embedded in Reviews that help your business online beyond the obvious.

One of Google’s Ranking Signals, which can impact your Google Map Rankings and Local SEO Visibility, is also a product of Reviews. Reviews are Google’s way of learning about your company’s prominence and reputation perception among your customers offline. This provides tremendous value to Google, especially since their primary objective is to present the most “Relevant” and “Credible” resources to their audience. Therefore, if you provide excellent products and services and those accounts are shared online by your customers through positive reviews, it will lead to ranking higher on Google.

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Online Reviews Services

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What is Online Review Management

Why you should manage your Reviews

Regardless of the type of business you operate or the industry your company represents, managing and responding to reviews needs to be baked into your day-to-day operations. However, trying to tackle this process manually can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you have hundreds of places online where reviews can be written about your business.

With our Online Review Management Services built for Companies in any market and industry across the world, your business can now build and manage your reviews and reputation all from one source. Our Online Review Management Software provides businesses with the ability to automate their review gathering process, simplify the user experience that will encourage more reviews, and provide a feedback system to help you nurture positive feedback and control negative comments before they go public on the world wide web.

How Online Customer Reviews Help Your Business

How Online Review Management Works

The Underlying Benefits they Create for Company Growth

With Online Review Management Services, simplifying the experience and process can produce many benefits for your company. Using a singular platform that helps you solicit reviews, manage feedback, and control the narrative of what is shared publicly can help better position your company for success. With this initiative in place, you will drive better overall business performance and increase results and revenue.

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Review Platform Setup and Services

Learning your business is more than just your industry and what you do. It is understanding what makes you different and how you want to shape that perception online. Understanding what makes you unique, your value proposition, and your goals will help us customize the way we present your company to your customers so that they echo those features in their reviews. This will help you leverage the benefits and characteristics that set you apart from your competition and help you convert more leads.

One of the quickest methods to giving your business a boost in reviews is by uploading your client email list into our Online Review Management Platform. This will help you quickly disperse and collect customer feedback so that you can expedite the process of building your online reviews and reputation.

By developing personalized email surveys we help you build better rapport with your customers and increase your chances of gathering more reviews. Developing this feedback system can help you nurture positive responses and build brand advocacy in online review feedback
Get ahead of negative experiences by utilizing survey feedback features that alert you to customer dissatisfaction. Giving you the ability to react and respond to customers can help you mitigate issues and provide solutions that can potentially help you salvage those relationships.
Having Review Data Intelligence allows you to see the strengths and weaknesses in your business from your customer’s perspective. With Review Management Analytics, identify, improve, and reinforce valuable customer insights to build a better customer experience with your business.

As your business grows, you will find easy and quick integrations that allow you to upload new customers to your database, helping you replicate your Online Review Management process. Creating a seamless procedure to maintain time efficiencies and allowing you to gather more reviews in a much easier manner than before.

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Online Review Management Services

Scale Business Growth with Supporting Digital Marketing Services

Improve your Online Review Management where you do business by adding complementary services that enhance your overall Digital Marketing Performance. With add-on Digital Marketing Program Enhancements you can extend your customer reach, enrich their experience, and generate greater ROI growth opportunities to help your business scale.

Supplemental Services to Support Reviews

Online Review Management is just one of the many foundational items needed for an effective Local SEO Campaign. By incorporating Local SEO with your Online Review Management Program, you give your business greater opportunities to increase your online exposure while improving your online reputation. Not only does Online Review Management help build User Confidence in your brand, but it also drives ranking signals to Google that can help you increase your Organic Visibility through Local SEO. Giving you greater reach to drive more website visits and build a stellar reputation to help you convert more leads and increase revenue through Local SEO. To Learn More, click: Local SEO

Along with the same topic, Local SEO naturally includes Google Business Profile Optimization. With Google being one of the top destinations for your customers to seek out reviews on your business, it makes Google Business Profile Optimization Services even more valuable in tandem with your Online Review Management Services. Increase your Google Business Profile Map Rankings by building a better Listing with Optimization features that can leverage the power of Reviews you build through your Online Review Management Services. To Learn More, click: Google Business Profile Optimization

By increasing your Brand Reviews along with your Map and Organic Visibility, utilizing Pay-Per-Click Advertising is an excellent way to compound your results and revenue. With programs like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, reach more customers across a multitude of keywords that represent your products and services across more networks and platforms than ever before. Introducing new customers to the Reviews and Reputation you have built will help your business generate even more leads and selling opportunities. In turn, that can help you increase sales and produce the best Digital Marketing ROI the internet has to offer. Generate instant results through Google Ads and secure your company’s future through PPC. To Learn More, click: PPC

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