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Ecommerce PPC is one of the fastest and most effective ways to Promote Products and Drive Online Store Sales. But in order to make your advertising efforts their most profitable, you need an eCommerce PPC Agency that can deliver results. At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we offer some of the leading strategies in Paid Advertising that help you Optimize the Performance of Product Sales that drive seriously great revenue. And with our robust Tracking and Optimization Technologies, we can deliver your best ROI.

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What Does eCommerce PPC Do?

Drive High Quality Transactions

At its core, PPC ads are just that, ads. What makes them special is the pay-per-click system that runs underneath the surface. You will only pay for an ad once a user has clicked on it, making for an economic marketing strategy. For eCommerce businesses specifically, it can be a major way to get your products in front of potential customers.

The Value of eCommerce PPC

A big draw of eCommerce PPC campaigns is that they attract high-quality traffic, meaning that the people who are going to click on your ads are more likely to convert. These ads take visitors directly to the products or content that they are looking for, bypassing many hurdles and friction points that might otherwise hinder their conversion process.

PPC ads are also capable of building awareness, even if visitors don’t click on the ad itself. This is especially true for social media PPC Ads like you see on Facebook and Instagram, which can even allow viewers to directly engage through the commenting function.

Honestly, what more is there to say? It’s the crux of digital marketing – PPC campaigns can successfully drive prospects to your site, where they can either convert or bounce. For the latter, you can then use PPC again to move them through remarketing segments and back to the conversion point. It’s cost-effective and efficient, and with current technology, you can dial into PPC and optimize ads to speak directly to your customers.

What Does eCommerce PPC Look Like?

SEM Features

Ecommerce PPC offers many capabilities and features that are designed specifically for eCommerce based businesses. Because of this, you will find access to more ways to sell your products above and beyond what is typically available to non-eCommerce companies. Whether it is features like product descriptions, visual assets like pictures and product video demos, and access to platforms like Google, Shopping Ads give eCommerce Retailers a much more powerful PPC Solution. Thereby leveraging the products that can help you grow your sales and increase your revenue.

eCommerce PPC Services

The original PPC ad, Google search ads are still incredibly valuable. These ads are completely text-based and show up above the organic search results on Google. Optimized ads speak to the needs of your customers. They use text content, keywords, and strategic advertising techniques to help your audience engage and click through your ads to visit your eCommerce website.

This one specifically works well for eCommerce sites, as it allows for individual items to appear at the top of relevant search results that help you feature the products you have to offer. This one overlaps and pairs well with eCommerce SEO, which can help make sure that your products are prominently displayed in multiple places on the first page of the search results. Thus, increasing your opportunities to sell more products.

Google has an extensive display network designed to show off your products within relevant websites (not including social media). This ad style has a wide range of sizes, designs, and features, making it incredibly customizable. It can increase the attractiveness of your products since it allows you to use media formats like jpg, png, and gifs to display your product features. And in some cases, can use video formats that will help you demonstrate your products in their entirety.

Remarketing Ads stand out because they exclusively target people who have previously engaged with your products but have failed to fully convert. They can be simple or dynamic, and can specifically target people with the items that they viewed on your site. They are highly specialized but incredibly effective and necessary.

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Why Should You Hire An eCommerce PPC Expert?

Save Time, Better Results, and Increase Revenue

The long and short of it is this: PPC has a lot of benefits and the systems that run them allow you to dial into your target audience with a frightening level of detail, but drilling into it that deeply requires time, experience, and know-how to operate at the highest level. If you do not have an on-staff eCommerce PPC expert, or do not have the desire or time to learn, it would benefit you greatly to work with a specialist. Our specialists here at Allegiant Digital Marketing are ready to assist you, and with over 20 years of experience, they can guide you towards PPC success.

eCommerce PPC Agency Experts

How Allegiant Digital Does eCommerce PPC

Results Driven Optimized Performance

At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on our dedication to addressing our clients’ particular needs and goals. We work to reach those goals through innovative problem-solving and industry-leading AI technology. We don’t just want to be your digital marketing agency – we want to be your partners in eCommerce PPC. We dedicate ourselves to only working with one client per industry (a rarity in the agency world) so that we can give our clients the best service possible without any conflicts of interest.

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