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Ever wondered how your competition shows up at the top of the Google Page with the “Google Guaranteed” Badge? Local Services Ads! This is the newest addition to the Google Search Page that helps boost your brand credibility, but also affords you access to Google’s Pay-Per-Lead Solution. Allowing you to only pay for qualified leads from internet users who have expressed explicit interest in your services with intent. Get the Google Badge, Pay Only for Bonafide Leads, and Propel your ROI to new heights!

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What Are Local Services Ads

Google Pay-Per-Lead

If you have gone to Google to look for Service-Based Businesses, you have likely come across Google’s new-ish Local Services Ads found at the top of their search results. What makes this new feature stand out, is the fact that you can now earn the prestigious “Google Guaranteed” badge on your listing. This offers any business sporting it on their profile, a high dose of credibility among Google’s search audience.

What makes Local Services Ads, or LSA’s for short, such a highly demanded addition to a business’s digital marketing strategy is how you pay to advertise. Adopting the Angi and Home Advisor model of Pay-Per-Lead, no matter how one interacts with your LSA, you pay absolutely nothing unless they take the initiative to call you from your profile.

Local Services Ads provides businesses with a tremendous advantage in their Search Engine Marketing efforts. With prominent placement at the top of Google Search Results, the Google Guaranteed Badge, and only Paying when Google produces a Lead, makes LSA’s an incredibly attractive service. Want to learn more? Keep reading or get in touch with one of our LSA Experts for a Free Consultation today!

Local Services Ads Services

How Local Services Ads Work

And What You Need to Do to Get Your Business Setup

Local Services Ads focuses on featuring businesses that have gone through the Google vetting process. This means your business will have to do things like provide documentation of your company’s legitimacy that includes necessary licenses and proof of insurance, as well as passing background checks and other requirements. This ensures that businesses that are featured in the LSA Results have passed what Google considers to be both a credible and legal business.

Google has made strides in its process to legitimize and feature businesses in its LSA Directory. Making it easier today, and with the help of Local Services Ad Specialists, to set up an account and move fluidly through the screening process. Once your profile has been completed and your background check has cleared, the next step is to set your budget based on how many leads you are willing to buy. Once the budget has been set, your campaign is activated and your listing will be added to the LSA Results rotation for you to begin engaging new leads.

The LSA Setup Process

As a part of the LSA Setup process, you will have the ability to set your Target Area and Services Offered.

Unlike traditional PPC and SEO where you choose your own keywords, you will only need to provide Google with the services you offer. Google will determine what type of search results appear based on what your audience searches. They take into account your relevance based on the services you offer along with the areas you have defined that are within your service area.

Depending on the Service Industry of your business you may be required to provide licensing information in order to complete the setup process.

Additionally, you will be expected to produce Proof of Insurance with a minimum in many cases of $100K. This proof of insurance must show the amount and expiration dates, otherwise, Google will reject your application for LSA’s.

In order for your profile to be accepted and granted access to the LSA Program, your business must have at least 1 positive Google Review. If you either have no reviews or a very poor rating, you will not be able to clear through this process without demonstrating to Google that you have met the positive reputation requirements to become an LSA Featured Company.

As we near the end of the process, one of the final steps you will need to go through is accepting the cost Google defines you will pay on a per lead basis. Depending on your market, competition, and available inventory, Google will set the amount appropriate to your area.

If you accept, then you will simply set a budget based on how many leads you wish to purchase and confirm.

After the Lead Cost is accepted and your budget is set, Allegiant Digital will help you enter your billing information and help prepare your account to launch.

We will then set up our monthly management feature to help you keep track of your leads and overall performance. This way you will have an LSA Specialist to help you navigate throughout the process and be available to help with things like disputing leads or managing your budget and increasing access to the LSA Lead Inventory.

Once everything has been completed, Allegiant Digital Marketing will help you activate your account, integrate your lead tracking into your dashboard, and provide routine reporting to help you keep account of your LSA Results!

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How to Optimize your LSA Performance

Best Practices to Maximize LSA Results

Like with any Google Owned Marketing Platform, there are expectations of their advertisers you must practice in order to remain compliant as well as maximize your results. Doing so can help your Ad Visibility and Rotation Frequency so that your LSA Listing will be featured more often when potential customers are searching for your services.

There are several key factors that will impact your performance and dictate your overall success with LSA’s. Working with experts to help you navigate through the process can help you increase your benefits. Let’s take a look at a few features. However, if you are ready to talk to someone to help you start the process of getting LSA’s in place for your business, you can call or submit a Contact Request today.

Key LSA Success Factors

Within your LSA Profile, you will have the option to include very valuable information for your audience about your business. Not only does this serve to give your prospects greater insight into your features and what you offer, but it also helps your profile’s standing with Google when it has been completely filled out.

Our team of LSA Specialists can help you build and fully utilize the features in your profile to their max potential. Helping you take advantage of this feature can help you build better engagement and drive greater ad exposure and rotation as a result.

Having at least One Positive Review not only helps get your listing activated, but also helps build confidence with your audience. That is why having only one is not enough. Your goal should be to build your Google Business Profile Reviews because your potential leads will see the reviews of the businesses you compete with within the LSA Results. And if they have bigger and better reviews, they will likely outperform you and win those leads over you.

Need help with Reviews? Check out the Allegiant Digital Reviews Platform and how we can help you level the playing field with your competition and help you stack your Reviews and Reputation FAST!

Being active on your Google Business Profile is another key performance factor in LSAs. Making sure your listing is accurate and contains all of your correct business information is vital to your performance.

Additionally, your activity should also be apparent to both your Audience and Google. Posting both content and Non-Stock Photos to your listing is another LSA Signal that can help boost your performance. Need help managing your Google Business Profile? Check out our Google Business Profile Optimization Services.

One of the quickest ways to get yourself bounced from the LSA Rotation happens when you do not answer your phone when leads call from the LSA Program. If you know you have an issue being available, it is imperative that you either dedicate someone else to be on hand for the calls or get yourself a call center. Because if you do an awful job here with not answering your phones, you will be pulled from the rotation without hesitation from Google.

Another feature of the LSA Program is the need for at least three businesses to be in the market utilizing the LSA Program. If you are the only person in your area who has signed up for the program, unfortunately, LSA will be unavailable until that threshold has been met.

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