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Optimized Videos Promoted to Convert

Optimized YouTube Channels and YouTube Advertising Services are extremely powerful tools in your Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies. YouTube, being the second largest search engine in the world, gives businesses the ability to leverage their video content to reach millions of potential prospects each month. Strategically position your video content and leverage Allegiant Digital’s YouTube SEO and Ads Services to attract, engage, and convert your YouTube Audience into new customers today!

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Why Run Ads or Do YouTube SEO

Video Marketing to Generate User Engagement and Drive Leads

As the second most visited site on the internet (second only to Google itself, we might add), YouTube feels like it needs no introduction. You’ve probably seen it and you’ve definitely heard of it. But in case you are not up to date, let’s begin.

YouTube is, by far, the fastest and largest video platform on the internet. Every day, Users Play 1 Billion Hours of Video using YouTube’s platform. This makes YouTube the second largest search engine, just behind Google’s own.

The modern YouTube landscape is far more than just cat videos – it’s a platform for businesses large and small to show off their products and services. Both local businesses and companies worldwide use YouTube as a marketing tool to create ads and YouTube SEO for video content that speaks directly to their target audiences, and that can (and should) include yours.

Whether you want to run local, national, or even global campaigns, Allegiant Digital can help you make the most of your YouTube marketing budget by utilizing effective video marketing strategies and techniques for your business’s unique needs.

YouTube Marketing Agency Services

Why YouTube is Integral to Your Digital Strategy

Connect with YouTube’s Vast Audience

YouTube’s sheer size in their audience is one of the biggest reasons business owners use YouTube Advertising. 72% of US adults use YouTube, meaning that no matter what age group you are looking to market to, YouTube will be a place that they will frequent. This wide-reaching audience makes it easy for businesses throughout the U.S to connect with prospective customers on YouTube.

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has stood out from other social networking sites, and after being acquired by Google, the brand rose to become the largest video streaming platform on the internet. YouTube functions as a social sharing site and a powerful search engine. Capable of managing over 30 million users and 5 billion videos daily without issue. This makes the YouTube Platform perfect for businesses who are looking to reach a large audience online.

People who frequent YouTube are also very receptive to branded messaging. In fact, over 90% of Users discover new brands through YouTube. It has set up one of the most powerful marketing networks currently on the internet, and is a place where your business needs to be online.

YouTube SEO Services

What YouTube Advertising Looks Like

And Why Your Strategy Matters

YouTube sits in a funny spot between search engines, social networking sites, and major knowledge hubs. This diversity is part of what makes YouTube the platform that it is, but this range can also make the prospect of advertising on YouTube feel intimidating or overly complicated. 

At Allegiant Digital, our teams are experts at stripping away any unnecessary fluff to reach the core principles and techniques which we can then use to benefit your business. Our system involves a three-step process to create the ideal campaign for your style and budget!

YouTube Advertising Strategy

You are looking into advertising on YouTube because you want to reach your specific target market, not just any random person on the internet. By narrowing down your audience using YouTube’s advanced Targeting option, you can weed out those who may be outside of your marketing scope. This becomes especially crucial once you learn that relevant video ads get 3X the attention compared to the average video ad.

Luckily, with the help of YouTube’s advanced targeting options, you can target your audience more precisely than with traditional internet marketing methods. Whether by specific demographics or interest, with the help of YouTube ads you can get your message in front of the right customer every time.

At its most basic, YouTube advertisements function similar to a PPC campaign. Your advertisements are shown on the YouTube platform, but you only pay when a viewer clicks on your ad. Meaning that every penny you put into YouTube ads goes towards acquiring new customers.

There are a number of different types of YouTube ads that you can run. There’s the typical image banner, text ad, or video overlay which is shown in someone’s YouTube feed before their video starts playing. There are also in-stream advertisements that function similarly to TV commercials and are shown during playtime on individual videos. Each of these types are built with different strengths and for different points in the conversion process.

You’ve identified your audience, you’ve made your ads, and now you are ready to launch. This would be the point where traditional marketing agencies struggle to perform. At Allegiant Digital, this is where we excel! We help track and analyze the success of the ads to identify what works best, what may need some adjustment, and ultimately help guarantee that your ads perform at the highest level possible!

The following reporting features include but are not limited to:

  • – Cost Per View (CPC)
  • – Estimated Time Spent Watching Video (ETSW)
  • – Estimated Cost Per Thousand Impressions
  • – Viewership (%) of Total Videos Watched

With this data, our team can work to improve and modify campaigns to better reach your target audience. Few YouTube Ad Agencies devote this much time and energy to guarantee your marketing success, and with our exclusivity guarantee, you can rest assured that our attention is completely on you and your business 100%.

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Why Work With YouTube Advertising Specialists?

Video Marketing Designed to Convert Leads into Sales

YouTube is a social media site that stands out from others due to its overwhelming emphasis on video content over text or pictures. Advertising on YouTube, then, requires you to mold your advertising strategy around the medium of film. By working with YouTube advertising specialists, you can avoid having to spend time and resources developing the knowledge base needed to navigate this shift, and can get right to the brass tacks of making your business look as amazing as possible.

Benefits of Working with a YouTube Expert

As Benjamin Franklin once said “Remember that time is money”. As a business owner, your time is incredibly valuable. Taking the time to learn about the ins and outs of YouTube marketing and video ad development can take away from the very business that you are trying to promote. Working with specialists allows you to focus on what matters most.

Allegiant Digital’s YouTube ads teams are ready to take your content and turn it into ads that command attention and speak directly to your target customer. Our YouTube marketing services can also work in tandem with our other digital marketing solutions like SEO services and social media marketing to give your online presence a 360° makeover.

Our team of YouTube ads specialists is focused on developing your YouTube branding and increasing your overall digital marketing ROI through services such as:

– Setting up your YouTube ad campaigns

– Managing your ongoing campaign for you

– Optimizing your campaigns to get better ROI every time

Please note that, while we are more than happy to help you set up, edit, and monitor your YouTube ads, Allegiant Digital is not a video production house. Any content that you wish to use must be acquired separately.

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How Allegiant Digital Stands Apart

Helping Brands Boost Their Video Marketing Performance

The Allegiant Digital teams work closely together so there aren’t any gaps in service delivery between our different departments. We created a streamlined process from campaign planning to results analysis that will help us deliver better results quicker than ever before.

The Allegiant Digital YouTube Experience

Allegiant Digital uses industry-leading AI technology to guarantee the highest quality possible. Our proprietary AI technology is on the cutting edge and ensures that each of our clients receives top-tier services. Utilizing data AI systems when making YouTube ads allows us to keep up with YouTube’s fast-paced environment. Our team members are trained to analyze the data to create unique recommendations that will put your business several steps ahead.

Allegiant Digital’s YouTube advertising specialists are dedicated to helping you identify your target markets on the YouTube platform and getting your message in front of them at the exact right moment. YouTube is the second most-used search engine and we offer a full range of both national and local YouTube advertising services to help you reach your audience.

We design YouTube ad campaigns that integrate with your overall digital marketing strategy so they’ll be aligned across all channels. This will generate more views while reducing wasted spend on ineffective ads that add little to your overall ROI.

Allegiant Digital wants to be your digital marketing partner, not just your agency. To that end, we have taken it upon ourselves to maintain industry exclusivity for all of our clients. What that means for you is that as long as we partner with your business, you can rest assured Allegiant Digital will not work with any potential competitors.

Now, this may seem like common sense, but such exclusivity is rare within the world of digital marketing. At Allegiant Digital, we have no interest in going with ‘standard’. We dare to be disruptive, to go against the norm when it best serves our clients, and to break new ground with our innovative practices and techniques.

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