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Local Search Engine Optimization

What is Local SEO and How Do I use it Rank Higher on Google?

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website rankings within the Map Listing and “Organic” Results that appear below the Map. Any business that has either a physical location or serves a specific geographic area can benefit greatly from a Localized SEO Program.

Local SEO works similarly to traditional SEO, but differs because users input geographic specific information to request localized results from the Search Engines. What makes Local SEO unique is that Search Engines like Google use a different set of ranking factors to rank local businesses than that of National and International Organizations. This way when someone does a search, Google can scan through its index of stored websites and return local businesses in their results for you to click on and visit their website.

As Local SEO Experts, we know exactly what many businesses struggle with when it comes to improving their local online visibility on the Search Engines. By providing a comprehensive Local SEO Solution, combined with our capabilities and technologies, we leverage the features of your website and offsite factors that will help you reach the top. Maximize your Local Organic Visibility and take the first step towards unlocking explosive growth and one of the best returns on investment that Digital Marketing has to Offer.

Local SEO Agency Services

Ranking Factors that Earn Top Search Rankings for Top Search Keywords

Reaching the summit of Google is no easy feat, which is why our Local SEO Services spare no detail. If you want to rank at the top of the search results on search engines like Google, you will need an SEO Agency like Allegiant Digital who has mastered the Local SEO Process.

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With our Local Search Engine Optimization Services, Businesses who are looking to improve their “Organic Visibility” within their target cities can lay the right foundation for future success. If you are ready to take the next step, contact a Local SEO Consultant at Allegiant Digital today!

Gain real market insight directly from Google and learn exactly how your audience searches for your services: Know where to Show Online and see your results Grow.

Identify and Exploit Competitor Weaknesses using Strategic Competitor Analysis to your advantage: Powerful Intel that will help you outrank the competition.

Identify and Correct Website Technical Weaknesses and create improved opportunities to accelerate your website rankings: Higher Visibility and Better UX generate more Business.

Harness the power of Content Optimization to improve your Local SEO Keyword Rankings and Consumer Confidence: Become the Local Industry Authority everyone wants to Hire.

Create opportunities to leverage Map Listing Visibility and add up to an additional 24% of available clicks that you can earn from the Map Results: More Clicks = More Leads

Develop Business Information Accuracy across all Major Directories and watch Google’s Confidence in your Business Rise: Confidence that will earn you More Prominent Keyword Rankings.

Streamline and simplify the process of building your online Customer Reviews and Company Reputation: Like Stocks, the more people invested in your business the more your Value Increases.

Cultivate better website linking strategies that associate your business with sites that Google Trusts. Like a “Popularity Contest”, the more votes you get from the cool kids the higher you rank.

Identify, Improve and Refine your Website Experience and be rewarded with Higher Rankings and more Leads: Like mining for diamonds, you will not find wealth if you do not dig.

More people access the internet on Mobile Phones than any other device used to Search Online: Ensuring your website delivers a positive and seamless experience can boost rankings and drive results.

Websites in today’s world need to be insanely quick when loading, otherwise User’s “Bounce” and Google Penalizes your Rankings: Master Core Web Vitals and Maximize your Local SEO Potential.

Benefits of a Local SEO Service

How our Expert Local SEO Company Maximizes Results

Local SEO is one of the most important Digital Marketing Assets a business can have. Check out some staggering stats about why Local SEO is an absolute need-to-have for your business:

With over half of the clicks coming from the Organic Results and more than a quarter coming out of the first position alone, this illustrates why Local SEO is an absolute must. With a solid foundation and leveraging our Local SEO Agency’s expertise and technologies, we produce one of the most powerful Local SEO Solutions for your business needs. Here’s how:

Local SEO Tracking Results

Trackable Results

Having Local SEO Trackability helps you beyond just Transparency. It provides data to help our experts make strategic decisions that impact your results. Understanding how people find you online, how they interact with your website, and what funnels direct people to convert into leads is powerful insight. With Local SEO Intelligence driven by data, which is tied to your Tracking and Results, you can place time, energy, and resources into what drives consistent revenue growth.

Local SEO Google Business Profile Optimization

Improved Google Business Profile Performance

With Google Business Profile results making up nearly a quarter of the clicks that occur on the first page, consistently managed listings help promote more traffic and conversion growth. Whether responding to reviews, questions, or messages from customers to sharing new posts, photos and updates on special offers and events you can maximize the opportunities created with your Google Business Profile Listing. Consistent Activity, Reviews, and Customer Engagement that will drive Maximum ROI.

Increased Local SEO Traffic and Sales

Website Traffic and Sales Growth

With a great Local SEO Program helping you build an excellent foundation, you will undoubtedly see increases in your results. By strategically targeting keywords with high concentrations of search volume along with keywords that drive intent (motivated buyers) your campaign will operate at peak performance. Helping you drive a higher volume of traffic to your website from quality visitors who are ready to convert into new customers for your business.

How Local SEO Increases Traffic to Your Store

Increase in Foot Traffic to your Store

For business owners who have a physical brick and mortar, putting a strategically deployed Local SEO campaign in place can become one of your primary traffic drivers to your stores. Especially for those who may not be in prime real estates zones. Utilizing Local SEO in conjunction with a well designed and managed Google Business Profile listing and a well-built website can help influence and drive more customers to buy in person from your retail location(s).

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How to Choose the Right Local SEO Agency for your Business

And Win Big

Stack the odds in your favor and work with a Local SEO Agency and Local SEO Experts that can truly help you maximize your results and revenue.

Arming your business with the knowledge and know-how to identify capable and competent Local SEO professionals can save you trouble, money, and most importantly… time. Because Local SEO takes time to develop, every instance you hire the wrong Local SEO Company, can set you back an average of 12 to 24 months. How is this so?

  • The average turnaround time to build SEO Rankings can span 6 to 12 months depending on the competitiveness of the industry and market.
  • When you fire and rehire, you reset that clock another 6 to 12 months.

That is why it is imperative to find the right Local SEO Company that checks all the boxes.

Finding a Local SEO Company

Research and Sound Planning

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Local SEO Research & Planning

Quality research and meticulous planning can help you avoid some of the heaviest mistakes that occur in the beginning of a Local SEO Campaign. Examples of this such as bad keyword selection, poorly developed content planning, and other sloppy mistakes can put you directly on a collision course with disaster.

Choose an agency with Local SEO Experience, Industry Knowledge of your Business, and who demonstrates high Business IQ. You will save yourself massive amounts of future frustrations. If they exhibit the ability to gather the right intel and lay the correct plans into place you will find yourself well ahead of schedule and with peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.

Comprehensive Local SEO Strategies

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Complete Local SEO Solutions

Local SEO is a cumulation of many micro strategies that exist and work in harmony to provide the Search Engines and your Audience a positive and seamless experience. Without a Comprehensive or Complete Local SEO Program you invite the opposite, which will result in Google Penalties and lost revenue.

One of the easiest ways to determine if you are about to get mixed up with the wrong company often comes by way of cheap prices and considerably basic features. If the Local SEO program lacks the four primary competencies of Code, Content, Technical and Offsite SEO features, you will fail to reach the first page of Google.

Lead and ROI Tracking Capabilities

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Local SEO Transparency

Local SEO Lead and ROI Tracking should be a mandatory feature for any business in the Digital Marketing Industry. This gives you the ability to measure your progress that ensures the Local SEO Plan you have in place is taking you in the right direction.

Lead Tracking also helps you to identify the pathways people take on the buying journey that guides them to the result you wish for them to take: Convert and Purchase. With tracking capabilities in place, and the ability to track phone calls, form submissions, or online purchases, you eliminate the need to take uncalculated risk with your strategy. Removing the guesswork from being able to quantify your efforts and investments.

Optimization Technologies and Data Mining

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Efficiency and Effectiveness

Lead and ROI Data combined with Optimization Technologies and Data Mining is a Game Changer. Not only does this provide you with the ability to measure progress, it can also provide valuable information about improvements and refinement. This can easily help double, triple, or quadruple your ROI if not more.

With the ability to glean Local SEO performance insights you create data mining that can unlock additional opportunities within your campaign. These opportunities are often where you create additional leads. Using optimization technologies to harness mined data develops intel. Intel that if applied efficiently can now multiply your ROI… Exponentially.

Communication and Transparency

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Builds Confidence and Rapport

Relationships live and die by communication. Regardless of whether it applies to your Personal Life or in a Business Partnership. Thrive in a business dynamic when you partner with a Local SEO Company that can articulate and build rapport with you throughout the Local SEO process.

Working with a Local SEO Agency that can communicate well and provide absolute transparency in their work and results will always be a fundamental building block in your partnership. It will lay the foundation in confidence and build trust, all while developing camaraderie. This will help keep both the Business Owner and Agency in lockstep in their unified paths to success.


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Committed to YOUR Business 100%

For many Digital Marketing Agencies, providing Exclusivity is next to blasphemy. While we all get into business to make money, very few Local SEO Agencies do so with the right intentions. At Allegiant Digital Marketing we practice Exclusivity not because it sounds good on paper, but because it is the right thing to do.

Providing Exclusivity ensures that your business will receive the absolute best services that our Agency has to offer in your Local SEO efforts. It protects your business interests and removes competing agendas that erode an SEO Strategies’ effectiveness as well as the partnership itself. Work with a Local SEO Agency that is committed and willing to go “All In” Exclusively for your business.

They have Excellent Reviews

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Validation of Success

Thanks to Google, Facebook, and websites with Review Features we now have the ability to gain unbiased insight into the businesses we want to buy from or hire. So when considering an SEO Firm vetting them via their reviews should be a top priority.

During the Selection Process, you should look for an SEO Agency that has a healthy number of Reviews and individuals who are providing some technical insights as well. This way beyond “they are great” or “they helped my business” you gain insight into the strengths they possess such as Communication, Support, Growth in Results by X, and other features that will compliment your needs.

They have Certifications that Back their Expertise

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Google Says I know what I'm Doing

While Google does not currently provide a Certification Program specifically designed for SEO, there are certifications that demonstrate competencies that influence Local SEO results. These Google Certifications include Google Analytics, Data Analytics, and UX Design.

A Local SEO Agency that carries “Current” Certifications, even those not directly related to SEO (Google Ads, etc.), will always indicate their level of experience and capabilities they can offer you. Having a deeper level of knowledge and access to more technologies will ensure that your Local SEO Campaign receives the best resources and elite-level capabilities that will propel you to the top of Google.

They Practice what they Preach and Rank at the Top of Google

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Talk The Talk and Walk the Walk

The “Proof is in the Pudding” as they say and that should also apply to the Local SEO Company you hire. If they are unable to rank in their own backyard for SEO keywords, regardless of market competition and difficulty, this can often be a sign of what you can expect if you hire them to do Local SEO for you.

With the competitiveness of Local SEO, it is important to make sure that whoever you hire has the ability to compete effectively within competitive spaces on Google. With the saturation of Digital Marketers and Self-Proclaimed SEO Experts, your biggest asset is as simple as doing a search on Google to see if they Practice what they Preach.

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Industry Leading Local SEO Services and Technologies

Built Exclusively to Maximize your Results and Return on Investment

By utilizing our Local SEO services and technologies you gain a competitive advantage that will help you maximize your results and revenue. Built with industry leading knowledge and experience, we build foundations that are made to last. With our tracking technologies, we eliminate wasted resources such as money and time. And with our Intelligence Technologies such as AI, Automation, and our proprietary Business SMARTS Platform we deliver smarter, highly effective, and evolutionary results. Designed exclusively to help your business consistently grow and outperform the local competition.

Build an effective keyword strategy and earn compound growth in traffic, leads, and revenue. By selecting target phrases your audience searches as they move down the buying funnel, you ensure your brand stays top of mind each step of the way until they convert.

Detect Technical Issues early on and optimize key features of your website to maximize performance. Improving Search Engine and User Experiences will help accelerate ranking progress, increase leads, and net more revenue growth for your business as a result.

Develop an advantage and plan in advance so that you can identify and exploit competitor weaknesses. Identifying gaps helps you develop advantages and fortify ranking positions so that you can soon lay siege on the competition and take over the market.
Utilize the strengths of your Google My Business Listing to engage, promote, and build confidence amongst your prospective customers. With a fully stacked GMB Listing and improved visibility within the maps, you will gain access to 24% more of your local market.

As Google continues to push for Business Information Uniformity across all major directories, it is key to ensure NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) Consistency. Leverage our Directory Optimization Technologies to streamline and maintain business information integrity.

Google ranks websites using two base values: Relevancy and Credibility. Relevancy is established by using keywords and content to discuss subject matter that positions you as the expert. Leverage On-Page Local SEO to build Authority and increase your value on Google.

Content Optimization increases conversions and influences rankings. Combined with our tracking capabilities it also provides you with means to measure your content’s effectiveness. Refine and Optimize Content to Maximize Performance and increase Conversions.
Create better user experiences by embedding your location’s address in easily accessible areas on your website. Doing so makes it easier for people to find your retail locations and creates linking opportunities with your Google My Business Listing that helps SEO.

The second primary feature of Local SEO that earns Google Rankings is building Credibility. Credibility is earned through building links from credible websites back to your website. Simply put, they act as votes. Increased “Votes” or links help increase your rankings.

Incorporating Reviews into your Local SEO Strategy can help boost customer confidence and help drive more leads. With Reputation Management services you can keep a pulse on all your Review Channels to protect your brand while producing increased positive feedback.

With the fluidity of SEO, evolving technologies, and a competitive field to navigate, having a team of Local SEO Experts is invaluable. With elite customer service and innovative technologies at hand, you optimize in confidence with a team building for your success.

Having a comprehensive SEO plan that is strategically precise and built with consistent execution will help take your Local SEO Project to new heights. With best practices in place and executing in a meticulous fashion, you will build powerful SEO strategies to propel you to the top.

As your SEO Strategies are executed, it is important to have systems in place that can track results. Using our Business SMARTS Platform not only provides transparency, but also develops results and expands strategies to foster new growth and unlock greater potential.

Track, Test, Refine and Redefine experiences for your Audience with ongoing A/B Testing to develop new growth opportunities. Continually developing your UX in Local SEO will improve the experience and increase engagement that maximizes your ability to convert leads.

Feel like you are part of a team and not just another customer. With our monthly and quarterly touchpoints, reporting, and meeting schedules, we keep you engaged and informed. As your Vested Partners, we treat you and your business as if it were our very own.

Movement is life. Your ability to grow as a business with our Local SEO Services is highly dependent on our ability to keep you moving forward. And with technology always evolving you need a Partner who knows the path and the ways to build sustainable growth.

Digital Marketing Consultant Help

Local SEO Enhancements

Multiply Growth adding Digital Marketing Services that Boost Local SEO

Enhance your Local SEO Capabilities and leverage Digital Marketing Programs that can influence above and beyond growth that SEO alone cannot offer. While Organic Results earn over 50% of the available traffic from a Google Search Results Page, utilize programs like Google Ads/Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Local Service Ads and Google My Business Optimization to reach the difference.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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Targeted and Measurable Results

With the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Platforms, develop Pay-Per-Click Advertising Strategies that will complement and enhance the results gained from PPC and SEO working together. Research has shown that combining PPC and SEO can increase results between both programs anywhere from 50% to over 200% than what the programs produce alone. Click Here to Learn More: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Local Services Ads

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Google Pay-Per-Lead Program and Services

Another way to gain first-page exposure (and more leads) is Google Local Services Ads. Add the Google Guarantee Badge to increase your Brand Authority and take advantage of Google’s Pay-Per-Lead Model that allows you to buy high-quality and targeted leads for your business. Clear the vetting process, set your budget, and let us (and Google) take care of the rest. Click Here to Learn More: Local Services Ads

Directory and Google Business Profile Optimization

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Boost Map and Directory Results

Setting up and optimizing your Directories and Map Listing not only help you reach more customers but also impacts your Local SEO.  Simplify and organize your setup and optimizations with our GBP and Directory Optimization Platform that will unify your business information, increase lateral exposure across the internet, and help you reach more customers. Click Here to Learn More: Google Business Profile

Reviews and Reputation Management

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Users Buy From Brands They Trust

Over 90% of buying decisions made online are influenced by Reviews. However, getting your customers to write reviews can be a serious undertaking and a time-consuming process. Use our Reviews and Reputation Management Platform to simplify and streamline the Review gathering process while monitoring your Reputation to protect your brand. Click Here to Learn More: Reviews

Social Media Marketing

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Building Effective Branding and Lead Gen

The verdict is still out about whether Social Media does or does not impact Local SEO Rankings. Regardless of industry posture, Social Media provides many benefits to your SEO Performance. Whether Building Brand Visibility or driving Social Engagement, it creates consumer confidence that can be the deciding factor between your business over your competitors. Click Here to Learn More: Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

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Reach Leads In Their Inbox

Local SEO helps you reach new customers every day. Email Marketing allows you to nurture those relationships so that you can generate more leads and convert more prospective customers into actual sales. Using your Email Marketing strategically can also increase repeat buying habits, provide upsell opportunities, and generate valuable referral business from your customers to help grow your revenue. Click Here to Learn More: Email Marketing

Website Design and Redesign Services

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Fast Websites Built to Convert Leads

A website needs to be redesigned every 3 to 4 years. Aside from dated design, real problems begin when the technology used on your website is no longer supported. This often leads to technical issues that create a poor user experience that impacts results. And since Google tracks how people interact with your website, that experience will lead to penalties that affect your SEO. Click Here to Learn More: Website Design

CRM Platform Setup and Integration

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Capitalize On Every Opportunity

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Platform is a powerful tool and one that can help your business scale, and scale fast. These systems are designed to help you manage leads, learn and understand how to improve your conversions, organize and facilitate your sales processes, and help you create a lean and efficient system focused on helping you grow your business. Click Here to Learn More: CRM Integrations

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