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Shopping Campaigns with Google Shopping Ads are an excellent Digital Selling Tool for the Ecommerce Business Owner, as well as any business that sells products online. But knowing where to get started, how to build campaigns, enhance product visual assets, and build an optimized Shopping Ad Campaign can become an overwhelming lift for most. Let the experts at Allegiant Digital help you build, launch, and optimize your Google Shopping Campaign to maximize sales volume that drives exponential ROI growth.

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Google Shopping Ads Services

What Are Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are built to promote physical products that you have available. They show up in search engine results pages above paid search ads. From the consumer’s perspective, shopping ads are a great way to quickly scan through multiple offerings at one time. For you as a business owner, it is an opportunity to get your product in front of new prospects and demonstrate the factors that make your product stand out from competitors.

Google Shopping Ads Services

Google Shopping Ads Services

What Are Google Shopping Ads

To understand Google Shopping Ads, you need to understand that the Google algorithm is geared towards solving the searcher’s questions. Shopping ads are meant to answer questions related to your product or industry, specifically when people are shopping for a specific type of item. Optimizing Google shopping ads means optimizing your offerings to match the searches of Google prospects.

Google Shopping Ad Features

The Google search engine is the world’s largest search engine, taking in 5.6 Billion searches per day. It has a complex algorithm created with the sole goal to connect you, the user, with relevant search results.

For example, if you type “gym equipment” into Google, then showing ads for hiking boots or travel gear would be a waste. From a business owner’s perspective, Google wants to know as much as it can about your products so that it can match them with the people who are most interested in purchasing them. You want to make your product pages and descriptions as relevant to the Google search queries as possible.

Product Feeds are a function of the Google Shopping Ads system. This is essentially where you tell Google exactly what your products are, what they look like, and who is within your target market. Google uses these Product Feeds to display your products on Google Shopping.

The key here is to optimize your product feed to both accurately represent your product and optimize its description for the Google Shopping Algorithm. A Google Shopping Ads specialist can help you strike and maintain this balance, even as the Google algorithm shifts and changes over time. If you are interested in connecting with one of Allegiant Digital Marketing’s premier Google Shopping Ads experts, Get in Touch Here!

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How Google Shopping Ads Drive Sales

Capture Highly-Motivated Leads

Google shopping ads are able to effectively create a conversion highway from the search engine results page to your website’s specific product pages. Shopping ads focus on a singular product that you offer and show off the aspects that set it apart from the sea of similar offerings.

Shopping ads are particularly useful for businesses that want to focus on online conversions. Google shopping ads can help you connect your offering with visitors who are highly motivated to convert. Google Shopping is the only Google ad network that allows you to buy advertisements based on products Google’s shoppers search for.

A search engine user who puts in “at home cardio equipment” is already invested in purchasing products in that sphere. If you get your products in front of these visitors, they are more likely to purchase because they are self-motivated. They have come into your conversion funnel already at the interest stage, so all you need to do is show them why your products are worth their time.

Google Shopping Ads Product Sales Strategy

How Allegiant Digital Does Google Shopping Ads

Optimized Performance for Maximum ROI

At Allegiant Digital Marketing, we strive to develop dynamic and unique advertising campaigns based on your business’s unique goals, vision, and value proposition. Guided by over 20 years of industry experience and a deep love and curiosity for all things digital marketing, we strive to disrupt the status quo while maintaining a high bar of service and results. When you work with Allegiant Digital, you are not just our client – you are a Partner. We succeed when you reach your goals. We also hold a personal guarantee of industry exclusivity, meaning that you (and only you) are our star player in your industry, and we will push with everything we have to make sure you reach your digital marketing goals.

Disruptive? We like to think so. Connect with our Google Shopping specialist team and see how we can help your business flourish.

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