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Instagram Advertising offers a unique Social Media Marketing Platform that allows you to blend visual storytelling into a creative experience for your audience to engage and consume. Often seen as the next frontier in Social Media Marketing, mastering its platform takes dynamic imagination and innovative promotional ingenuity. Dominate IG with Allegiant Digital and develop a unique and powerful IG Marketing Strategy that is designed to reach and resonate with your audience and drive social conversion.

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What is Instagram Ads Management?

How IG Marketing Delivers Leads

Instagram ads management means tapping into a platform that not only welcomes your marketing efforts but wholeheartedly embraces them. Instagram users are highly motivated by the companies or organizations they follow, and with over half of the users reporting that they follow at least one brand, the opportunity for brand engagement is immense.

Create ads, stories, and posts that speak directly to your audience with Allegiant’s Instagram Ads Management Services. Instagram Ads are designed to reach your target audience with compelling imagery to emphasize your business’s offerings and show off your brand value and appeal.

Instagram Ads Management Services

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If your brand uses visuals or wants to use visual ads to market your products and services, then Instagram ads might be for you!

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How Instagram Ads Management Works

Visual Strategies that Engage Your Audience

In a world where 75% of US adults consult social media sites when making a purchase, social media marketing can not be ignored. And with over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram should not be overlooked.

Instagram ads are driven by a powerful algorithm. Turning and using that algorithm in favor of your brand can have major impacts on your marketing ROI.

Instagram has many different ways to engage with its algorithm, but a few ways that Allegiant Digital can help you optimize your Instagram presence are through Instagram postings, traditional ad formats, and Instagram stories.

IG Marketing Strategy

Instagram’s major function is as a content-sharing site, specifically picture and video content. Simple enough, right? However, under the hood of this simplistic design is a surprisingly robust and dynamic network of systems and algorithms.

At Allegiant Digital, we specialize in understanding and optimizing the Instagram algorithm to push your postings to the top of the feed. Whatever your specific Instagram marketing goal, we can help you achieve it. We can help you manage your page, schedule postings, optimize your hashtag usage, and maximize customer engagement.

Instagram’s ads system functions, from the outside looking in, very similarly to Instagram postings. They differ in one key area – they can speak directly to your target market, and offer a direct path to conversion!

Allegiant Digital can show you how to optimize your sales for Instagram and help you navigate Instagram’s complex marketing systems to reach the exact people who could be interested in your services. Instagram ads work when it comes to conversion, with nearly 50% of people visiting websites after viewing an Instagram ad. From there, you can move them to your website or a corresponding Landing Page, giving you ample opportunity for conversion!

Originally designed to combat Snapchat’s dominance over short-form video content, Instagram stories have evolved into a unique, dynamic system that can provide business owners with unique opportunities and challenges. These posts only lasting for twenty-four hours add a sense of urgency, which you can capitalize on to achieve meaningful results promptly. Use that wisely and you can create impactful content that creates entirely new conversion funnels!

Instagram stories are meant to be short, informal, and temporary. These postings only last for 24 hours before disappearing. What makes Instagram stories interesting, is what you can do with them. Instagram offers a variety of applications for Instagram stories: run polls, ask questions and receive feedback from your customers, and emphasize time-specific offerings. 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily, meaning that when your followers log onto Instagram, your product or service is going to be the first thing that they see.

What Makes Allegiant Different

Creating Impactful IG Strategies that Drive ROI

Instagram marketing comes with its own unique challenges. Learning what to post, when to post it, responding to feedback, and analyzing any and all results from these ads can be a major time commitment. Unless you have a dedicated Instagram specialist on your team, it can be difficult to keep up.

That is where Allegiant Digital Marketing can help. We can take all of the guesswork out of Instagram marketing. We can help you design, schedule, and execute ad campaigns, then help you analyze the results and use them to refine your marketing strategy. Allegiant Digital combines innovative Instagram advertising technology with years of cumulative experience and practical on-the-job training. Our team is ready and able to help you with any issues you may face along your Instagram management journey!

IG Experience and Technology

Our Instagram Management team is here to support you! With over 20 years of collective digital marketing experience and extensive on-the-job training, our team is capable of overcoming any hurdle your business may face. We will walk alongside you and help you navigate the tricky arena of Instagram Management. Every member of our Instagram management team goes through extensive on-the-job training and holds a certification in Google and Facebook ads systems.

Allegiant is dedicated to maintaining a high standard for all team members, but this certainly does not mean we lag behind industry innovations. Allegiant Digital makes continued learning a way of life. Our team stays on top of industry trends and digital marketing innovations and employs the best of these in our recommendations.

We combine innovative data science with professional expertise to create custom strategies that will maximize your ROI. We do this by analyzing your target market and pinpointing the most visible locations and impactful copy to best reach your customers. Our team can help you strategize which techniques and methodologies are best for your specific situation, then work to implement these techniques to their maximum efficiency!

Our proprietary AI system utilizes the latest in AI technology and data science to inform our decisions. It ensures that every decision made in the service of your business is driven by reliable and quantitative data. Our team is trained extensively on how to analyze this data to identify key findings. They can guide you to identify untapped markets and increase your understanding of your current market segments.

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At Allegiant Digital, we want to be your partner in Instagram management, not just your marketing experts. Our team will work with you to create ads that speak to your target market, help analyze your results, and pinpoint both your strengths and potential areas for improvement.

We also understand that marketing may not be what you want to spend your valuable time worrying about. In that case, we can handle it all for you! Our team can schedule and execute Instagram ads based on industry best practices and years of practical experience, so that you can spend your time focusing on your business.

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