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Ecommerce Digital Marketing can elevate retail sales and help you drive seriously good revenue. But setting up an online store, promoting it, and getting customers to buy your products is a heavy lift. It is also incredibly difficult for business owners to learn and execute. That is why we not only simplify the setup and execution process, but offer advanced eCommerce Technologies to help you track, target, and optimize smarter. Build a better presence and sell more efficiently to drive your ultimate ROI.

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What IS eCommerce Digital Marketing?

How it can Help your Digital Store sell more Products

ECommerce Digital Marketing is built from digital marketing strategies designed and implemented specifically for eCommerce-focused sites.  These techniques are designed and implemented to optimize your online presence based on the fact that most people search for products or services in search engines, like Google.

For businesses that want their web presence focused on driving sales, the eCommerce digital marketing team at Allegiant Digital Marketing is here to help. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to set your business up for success.

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eCommerce Digital Marketing Experts

Elements of eCommerce Digital Marketing

Features that Elevate Your Capabilities and Revenue

With Online Product Sales of any type, your eCommerce Digital Marketing will be incumbent to your success. That is why it is important to understand the different available platforms and features out there that help you generate your best results.

We have highlighted what we consider to be core strategies that prove particularly valuable for eCommerce businesses. Many of the strategies presented here can be found in traditional digital marketing portfolios, but the implementation centers specifically around selling products online to your customers.

eCommerce Digital Marketing Services

An absolute staple of digital marketing, SEO is incredibly important to eCommerce businesses in particular. SEO helps you optimize your site (thus the O in the title) for the google search robots to go and find not only your site but the products that you are trying to sell.

SEO for product-based businesses can be a bit different than SEO for more general business services. However, it still relies on the same fundamentals including backlinking, keyword implementation, content, and metadata optimization. Your products can and should speak for themselves in terms of quality, but SEO can get your products connected with the people who want them most.

If you are familiar with content marketing, you may have brushed it off as being too distant from your eCommerce brand. If you are not familiar with content marketing, basically it’s optimizing the content on your site for the internet. Our team of content marketing experts can help you develop a content marketing strategy optimized for your eCommerce site. eCommerce has the advantage of clear ROI and impression numbers, but if you want to optimize yourself for search engines or leave a lasting impression on visitors, then you are going to need to optimize your content accordingly.

ECommerce is focused on promoting and selling specific products and packages. Content marketing can help you achieve this in two key methods: by optimizing individual product pages and driving more visitors to your site.

Product pages allow you to zero in on hyper-specific descriptions and keywords that not only help Google better identify, categorize, and promote your products, but it helps organic traffic to better understand your product and its unique benefits. Most stores just do the bare minimum on this front and so their products have generic, bland descriptions that don’t do anything to attract visitors or search engines. By optimizing your product pages, you are putting yourself leagues above your competition in terms of search engine optimization. Extend this to other pages, and you can turn your eCommerce site into a recognizable, highly valuable, and prominent brand.

Take a look at Northern Brewer, an eCommerce site that primarily sells beer-making kits and supplies. Their web pages are built to attract visitors and search engines alike, and they have reaped great rewards because of it. A single blog post “How To Make Beer” drives in six thousand monthly visitors. Even if only a fraction of these visitors convert, that amount of consistent traffic tells Google that you are a serious brand and will rank you above your competitors.

When you need to purchase a new product or learn more about a topic, where is the first place you go? If you are like most people, the answer is Google. As a business owner, Google can help you connect with people who are already searching for your products.

The easiest way you can do this is by taking advantage of the Google Display and Search Networks. Using Google Ads to promote your products in Search, Shopping, and Display formats can help you reach new customers through a variety of Google Platforms and Websites. With Google Search and Shopping Ads, you can promote your products directly on Google’s Search Engine while your target audience is actively searching for those products online. With Display and Remarketing Ads, you can leverage the vast network of Google Partner sites that allow you to place ads directly on their websites that your audience often frequent.

So, what can you do with all of this? For starters, you can create dynamic ads that promote individual products. With Google’s advanced analytical systems, you can get detailed information on who’s attracted to your products, which products are attracting the most attention, and what percentage of viewers are actually engaging with your products and converting.

Working with eCommerce specialists may be of particular value if you really want to guarantee proper tracking and analytical information. They can also help you remarket to previous site visitors with Google’s dynamic remarketing ads system, which will allow you to advertise to individuals with the exact items that they viewed on your site. Experts like our eCommerce digital marketing team are dedicated to understanding and adapting to Google’s advertising landscapes. They can help guide you through the weeds of Google ads and Google analytics systems and usher you into a space of optimized ROI and better customer engagement.

4.3 billion people have social media accounts worldwide (that is over half of the world’s total population!) and there are no signs that this trend is going to slow down any time soon. From a digital marketing perspective, social media’s reach is a powerful reason to invest in social ad campaigns.

Social media allows you to simultaneously sell your products and promote your brand as a whole. By creating consistent content that provides meaningful value to your customers, you encourage these viewers to follow your brand long-term. From a conversion perspective, this means that you now have near-infinite opportunities to market your brand and products and do so in a way that feels organic and natural. Highlight specific products, show behind-the-scenes exclusives, and generally make your brand feel more like a community.

Under the hood of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is a powerful technology designed to track and analyze customer data for marketing and research purposes. These systems can give a great deal of insight into your target audience and even give some concrete details about who is interacting with your content and what types of ads and content they find most engaging.

Even your website itself can be optimized for eCommerce sales. ECommerce sites have a lot of elements at play – payment pages, product pages, and product and category-specific landing pages, all of which have unique purposes requiring their own unique strategies.  If your site is not optimized to convert sales, it’s time to reevaluate.

When optimizing the design and overall experience for your audience, it is important to understand the various stages of the visitor’s journey that influence their decisions to convert. Making sure the experience is intuitive and fluid will be a major driver of conversions and sales. However, getting there requires a careful and experienced hand.

Our team of eCommerce web design experts has the design and marketing capacity to help you navigate through the buildout process. Therefore, ensuring the user experience is positive and one that makes it easy for your audience to convert. With this approach, you will find your transaction rates will increase in volume and help you improve your revenue exponentially.

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How eCommerce Can Help Your Online Business

Increase Engagement and Sell more Products Online

Online eCommerce Marketing is an essential part of any business’s digital strategy, and it’s a constantly changing field. Allegiant Digital Marketing designs professional campaigns that encompass every aspect of your online presence. From SEO and CRO tactics at the top of the sales funnel. To Remarketing Campaigns designed to create second and third opportunities to drive prospects to your site again to convert. Or, Email Marketing to remind and draw your prospective customers back to their abandoned carts to complete their transaction. Whether you’re looking to generate buzz among potential new customers or offer special deals for loyal fans, our team has the vast and deeply seeded expertise you need to increase your ROI.

eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy

Ads and campaigns can come in a variety of styles, forms, and mediums (both digital and traditional), but if you break them down they have one of three major goals:

  • Let people know about a thing (Awareness)


  • Get people interested in the thing (Interest/Consideration)


  • Get people to buy the thing (Conversion)


This is true whether you are selling shampoo, lawnmowers, or any other product or service. Where science becomes art, however, is in managing and optimizing conversion funnels. Remembering where a person is in the conversion process, identifying the message most likely to resonate, and showing the message in the place and time that they are most likely to accept it. This is the heart of marketing and something that professionals spend years working to understand and perfect.

Ideally, you would have ads for every point in this conversion funnel. For eCommerce businesses, this often looks like item or event-specific campaigns that specifically emphasize individual products or limited-time offerings. Delivering results across a wide spectrum of ad types will help keep your brand top of mind and more visible when someone searches on Google or any other search engine.

For you to be able to sell your product to a customer, they must first be aware of your product.  A straightforward way to do this is by advertising on social media or Google Ads. These ads can be tailored specifically to the customer base that is actively seeking your products or to reach brand new markets that you have not specifically targeted before.

For new or emerging eCommerce brands, eCommerce digital marketing techniques can create a “buzz” about your brand both pre and post-launch, as well as lay the groundwork for future marketing campaigns.

Buzz generation can also assist you in scaling your business later down the line.  Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are built around social interactions and their visitors are generally very receptive to marketing efforts. If you already have a following, you can encourage your previous customers to engage with you through comments and tagged postings.

It is important to note that buzz generation does not always mean creating a lot of hype around your eCommerce brand and products (although this can be one way to do it). Buzz generation around specific products can take many forms. From offering sales or discounts to giving away exclusive access to buyers (for instance, a new product line release). Ultimately, their goal is always to usher prospects towards conversion.

Allegiant Digital Marketing is the perfect partner for brands seeking to find visibility on search engines and thus grow their business over time. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your brand gain market share through the power of Google Ads, just get in touch today!

How Allegiant Does eCommerce Digital Marketing

Best Practices and Support

Any digital marketer is going to be able to set up a Google Ads Account and run a few ads for you. Where Allegiant Digital Marketing differentiates itself is in the details that come before and after this launch. Our team of digital marketing specialists is here to work alongside your team as partners in digital marketing. We are here to help you plan your campaigns, execute them, and analyze the results to identify key strengths and areas for growth.

Most digital marketing agencies will not do this work. However, we see it as an absolutely necessary service that must be incorporated into your eCommerce Digital Marketing Program. We succeed when you see both short-term and long-term results, and with over 20 years of industry experience, we are more than capable of getting you there.

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