Business SMARTS Platform

Data Intelligence for Optimized Results

Never guess again about your Digital Marketing Performance and know exactly how every dollar spent delivers leads and revenue for your business. With our All-Inclusive Business SMARTS Tracking Platform, access invaluable campaign performance insights that help you monitor and measure results. Leverage Data Intelligence through our KPI Monitoring, Conversion Tracking, and Optimization Technologies in Real Time. And take your Digital Marketing to the next level with Allegiant Digital’s Business SMARTS Platform.

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Digital Marketing Tracking and Transparency

Stay Informed with Measurable Results

See beyond the veil of mystery in Online Marketing and gain control of every dollar spent in your Digital Marketing Strategy and Results. With the Allegiant Digital Business SMARTS Platform powering your Campaigns discover how Performance with Intuitive Features and Tools makes Digital Marketing an easier force to harness for your business than ever before. Offering a full spectrum of lead capture and tracking functionality, we help you stay informed 24/7/365. Putting YOU in charge of YOUR digital marketing journey with control at YOUR Fingertips. Features including:

SEO Tracking Platform and Tracking Services

Visitor Tracking and Page Performance Insights

Call Tracking, Recording & Transcription including Caller ID Services

Form Submission Tracking & Transcription

Campaign Metric Tracking and Optimization (CPC, CTR, and more)

SEO Ranking Performance Insights, Recommendations, and more.

Conversion Metrics (including Cost Per Qualified Lead, Revenue and ROI Data)

Customer Trends and Forecasting Features and Functionality

Social Media Campaign Performance and Engagement

Social Media Listing Interaction (including Follows, Likes, and Shares)

PPC Keyword, AD and Landing Page A/B Testing Performance and Insights

Directory Optimization Tracking and NAP Consistency Monitoring

Reviews and Reputation Monitoring on Major Directories and Social Media

And More!

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Web Form and Call Tracking, Recording, and Transcription Services

Remove the Guesswork and know your ROI

Eliminate the need to ever have to guess again and gain powerful insight into your Digital Marketing performance with Allegiant Digital Lead Capture and Call Tracking Services. With easy to integrate features designed to provide seamless and concise results tracking, we help your business gain the strategic advantage that empower your results. With Lead Capture and Call Tracking functionality we help your business track, identify, select, and optimize campaign features including keywords, ads, content, page experience and more to automate and drive your best results. Harness Digital Marketing Tracking and Optimization Capabilities unlike ever before and radically propel your business growth, scalability, and ROI into an entirely new stratosphere of success.

Track Rankings and Visibility

Stay Connected while you Rise to the Top

Tracking your website rankings and visibility progress is a key element in Digital Marketing Transparency, specifically when it comes to SEO and Local SEO. By keeping you connected to your rank performances, it allows you to follow our progress and see our improvements made in real-time.

We also use this as an opportunity to create collaboration. Building rankings is not a linear process and each keyword we target presents its own unique situations and challenges. Whether it is competition, search engine algorithm updates, or content and strategy changes taking place within your website, there is much fluidity to how rankings are managed and optimized. By sharing this level of detail with you, we give you the education and resources to help you build confidence in our process while creating realistic expectations and trackable milestones that eliminate concerns or common frustrations. Helping you stay informed and involved as we rise to the top!

Online Reputation and Review Tracking

Stay ahead of what’s being said about your Business Online

Your Online Reputation is important and one that can have major implications on your Digital Marketing Programs and their success. But staying informed and ahead of what is being said about you online can be a tall order and arduous task for any business owner. With our Online Reputation and Review Tracking Integrations, we provide you with the ability to stay connected to what is being said and even deliver alerts whenever something is written online about your business. View your Reputation and Reviews from one source and get proactive alerts to keep you connected to your customers and what they have to say about your business online.

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AI and Automation Integrations

Campaign Data Optimization at Scale and Speed

In today’s Digital Marketing Environment the presence of AI has become a dominant force. With Machine Learning in full swing and features like Automation that can deliver systematic command and delivery of your Digital Marketing performance improvements and optimizations, your ability to scale now comes with speed and greater efficiency than ever before. With our AI and Automation tools and Business SMARTS Tracking Integrations, we offer a connected Data Intelligence and Optimization Platform powered by AI and Automation to add serious power and results to your Digital Marketing Performance.

Real-Time Support on Demand

Connect with your Team with One Click

Information on the internet travels at the speed of light and with that, any business that engages in Digital Marketing needs a support team who is ready and able to step in at the first sign of trouble. Otherwise, if left unchecked, degradation of your digital marketing campaign results and wasted time and money lost can stack up very quickly.

Get Real-Time, On-Demand Support when you need it most. Click to Connect within the Business SMARTS Platform gives you a direct line to your Support Team at Allegiant Digital so that if you need support, we are ready and waiting to respond.

Monthly Automated Reports

Delivered on Time to keep you in the Loop

Stay informed and enjoy another layer of communication we provide through our monthly reporting services. We deliver automated monthly recaps that will show you what your campaigns produced and offer insight and details into your performance and growth in your campaign results. Enjoy the benefits of routine monthly reporting and stay connected to your campaign optimizations, improvements, and ROI growth!

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Developing Tracking Systems and embedding sophisticated technology that delivers the best in transparency, as you can imagine, isn’t cheap. However, it is necessary. At our Digital Marketing Agency, we do not believe in cutting corners when it comes to delivering the best that Digital Marketing can offer your business.

With Allegiant Digital Marketing, we will build you your very own custom Business SMARTS Platform any time you sign up for our PPC, SEO, or other Digital Marketing Services. Best of all, we do it for FREE!

Enjoy the ability to track and measure your Digital Marketing Performances with the Allegiant Digital Marketing Business SMARTS Platform today! To learn more about how we can empower businesses with the industry’s leading technologies in tracking, optimization, AI, and Automation, call or get in touch today!

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