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Paid Search Management


Pay-Per-Click Advertising, otherwise known as PPC or Google Ads, is a form of Digital Advertising used to promote your Products or Services on Search Engines like Google and Microsoft Bing.

Understanding the mechanics and how to interpret data from these Digital Advertising Platforms is essential to success. In the following post, we are going to discuss the fundamentals of Paid Search Management (PPC) and best practices to help you maximize your results. This will include how to develop a targeted and measurable plan, interpret its data, and learn how to leverage these insights to optimize performance. Helping you make better-educated campaign decisions that can have a profound impact on your lead and revenue growth. Let’s get started!

Paid Search Management Basics

Objectives, KPIs, and Personas

Before we get into the fun topics of keyword research, ad creatives, landing page design strategies, and all else that follows, there are a few things that you should become familiar with first. These are the building blocks of a Paid Search Campaign that give it targeted measurability that can set the table for success. And with it reliable expectations and tangible methods for tracking performance growth. These are Paid Search Management Objectives, KPIs, and Personas.

Let’s explore on!

PPC Campaign Objectives and KPIs

Before we build and launch a Paid Search Campaign it is important that our Paid Search Agency establish Objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) first. This is simply what actions do you want your prospective customers to make (i.e. Call, Fill Out a Form, Subscribe, Download an App, etc.)? And how you will measure activities leading up to those actions. These are necessary to ensure your campaign(s) are moving you towards your goals, and if not, there is a way to troubleshoot the problem. Here’s an example.

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Goal: Increase Form Submissions for New HVAC Maintenance Plans by 15% (75 New Plans) by end of Q3.

Objective: Increase Form Submissions using Google Search Ads and Social Media Advertising. Supplemented with a unique Landing Page Design that focuses on a prominently displayed Form at the top of the page featuring a 25% Special Offer Discount for our Quarterly AC Maintenance Plans.

KPIs: Contact Form CVR (Conversion Rate) average is 3% of total clicks from current Ad Campaigns that do not feature an active offer. With a new offer, we anticipate an increase of 2% to give us a 5% total CVR from our Contact Forms. In order to reach 75 new maintenance plans, we will need 500 new Clicks over Q3. Our current campaign CTR (Click Through Rate, which is the number of times your ads are shown and the percentage of people who click on your ads) is 3% without a promotion. With the promotion, we anticipate an increase in CTR by 1% or a total increase to a 4% CTR. To get 500 clicks with an anticipated CTR of 4%, we would need our ads to reach 12,500 people, or Impressions. And with our current campaign averaging a CPC of $15 a click, we would need a total Ad Budget of $7500, or $2500 per month for Q3 to hit or exceed our target.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Impressions: 12,500

  • CTR: 4%

  • Clicks: 500

  • CPC: $15

  • Contact Form CVR: 5%

Paid Search Management Basics

Objective and KPI Specificity

You need to be specific if you want to be successful. Setting goals, outlining objectives, and using KPIs to measure your progress ensures that outcome. Giving you measurable data and better understanding of your campaign metrics and why they matter. As well as affording you insights that can help you further optimize your campaigns for even greater results.

Now that your Paid Search Campaign has established Objectives and KPIs the next step to take place is learning who your target audience is and how to cater your ad campaigns to them.

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PPC Target Audience and Personas

Knowing your Target Audience is an imperative aspect of your Paid Search Management Strategy. If you do not know who it is specifically you are trying to reach, it is likely your message will not resonate with your best prospective customers. That is why understanding your audience, and what text and visual content you present to them, can have such a profound effect on their buying decisions.

Let’s take a look at an example:


Target Location: Austin, TX

PPC Persona One

  • Name: Michael Smith

  • Gender: Male

  • Age Group: 25-34

  • Profession: Personal Trainer

  • Annual Income: $63,381

  • Marital Status: Single

  • Interests: Health, Night Life, Dating

PPC Persona Two

  • Name: Christopher Williams
  • Gender: Male

  • Age Group: 35-44

  • Profession: General Manager
  • Annual Income: $58,714

  • Marital Status: Married with Children
  • Interests: Budget Friendly Getaways, Sports, Politics

Looking at these two target audiences that are likely to purchase the aforementioned HVAC Maintenance Plan, would you believe the same advertising message would resonate with both? The answer is no. That is because they are both in completely separate life stages, with different experiences, and aspirations. Serving them the same ad content without understanding what speaks to them on an individual level, could cost you. If not one, but even both of those highly targeted customer types who have the highest probability of buying your HVAC Maintenance Plan.

Within Paid Search Management Platforms like Google Ads, having this type of intelligence can help you customize who you target and the experience of your ad content that you deliver to them. That way when Fitness Trainer Mike is Googling “Condo AC Service in Austin”, we can serve him an Ad using related interest phrases like “Get Your AC in Better Shape and Save 25% on an AC Maintenance Plan Before Offer Expires”. These experiences will likely resonate with Mike more than Christopher, who would likely engage with an ad that promotes “Spend Your Money on Taking More Vacations, Not Fixing your AC! Save 25% on a New AC Maintenance Plan Today.”

Now that you have begun to discover who your target audience is, it is a good practice to begin creating Personas. Personas are fictitious individuals we create who embody the characteristics of each of our target audience groups. Not only will this help with organizing and building highly targeted ad content for your campaigns, but it can be fun and also educational. Helping you create a more personal experience that will not only increase your chances of earning their business but also keep it for years to come.

With your target personas fleshed out by an expert Paid Search Management Agency like Allegiant Digital, we can help you create better, more personalized experiences to drive higher engagement and conversions. With this feature along with established goals, defined objectives, and KPIs to measure your progress and performance, you will be in greater control of your ad campaigns and their outcome.

Paid Search Management Fundamentals Conclusion

Free Tools and More

Whether you are a Small Business Owner just getting started, an Established Brand, or Enterprise Organization, we realize the magnitude Digital Marketing and services like PPC can have on your business. That is why we want to be a resource, regardless of whether you choose to do business with us or not, to help you navigate the nuances in Online Marketing that can be the catalyst to achieving better results.

For example:

Using tools like Facebook Audience Insights can provide initial demographic insights like what was used in the example above. This can be especially useful for brand new campaign setups where there isn’t preexisting demographic data to use at your disposal. It can also serve as a second opinion that could open the doors to new opportunities yet discovered. Best of all, the tool is Free, and the time invested to gather this insight is minimal.

If you have questions about Objectives and KPIs for your business or would like to explore more about building Perfect Personas for your Digital Marketing, Allegiant Digital is just a phone call away. We appreciate the opportunity to share and hope that this post helps your business take a significant step towards reaching your growth and performance goals.

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